Triple Flour Murukku

Written by muralikalpana


  1. blacky

    The best murukku I ever had. Very healthy and easy to make. It became a instant hit in my apartment complex. I have voted a 10 for this. No one believed me when I said there is no butter in the recipe, because it was so soft and crunchy. You can even skip the hot oil in the ingredients and it still comes out very very soft.

    When I read the recipe, I was doubtful about steaming the flours. But I decided to try it because I had a lot of rice flour and All purpose flour. I am so glad, I tried.

  2. seema

    I have a doubt kalpana, can v pressure cook the flour in a clean cloth on idliplates or else should v cook in any vessel as such? plz clear my doubt

    1. muralikalpana


       Thank you all,for trying and posting your comments.As Seema asked when I steam cooked flour in a vessel,the consistency of maida didn't reach rice flour consistency and it was so difficult to press the atchu.So it is better to steam cook them in a cloth using idliplates for 1/2 hr atleast.Thank you. 

  3. seema


    I did this murukku sterday eve, esp. for my 2-year-old kid. came out so well. he liked it so much and didnt stop eating. tks. am happy very much.

  4. Sudharavi

    Hi kalpana,

    I tried this yesterday and it came out very well. I put the 3 flours in a vessel ,kept inside the idly cooker and steam cooked for 1/2 hr. U well said kalpana the taste was also very different from the regular shop bought muruku. Thank u kalpana ,u shared with us all very nice and different type of muruku snack without urad flour .one nice thing abt this snack is it doesn’t absorb more oil ,for those who are more fat cautious it is very nice snack ,once again thank u kalpana,have a nice day

  5. Sudharavi

    Hi kalpana,

    How to steam the flours in a vessel,i mean how many minutes ,and how can i know that the steaming is over.Thank u for this recipe.Thank u for a wonderful notes(tips).

  6. harini

    I tried this recepie its really awesome thanks for the wonderful recepie.keep posting good recepie like this.I thought without urad dal we cant do murruku.niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee keep it up

  7. kalpanamurali

    Hi, Here are the answers for all your enquiries.To steam cook easily, put all the flour in a vessel and keep it inside your idli cooker or pressure cooker closing it with a lid. The reason for steam cooking is maida should be bought to rice flour consistency and the flour should not be fried.

  8. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Kalpana..

    Nice tempting recipe..Planning to give it a try.Could u pls let me know why do u steam cook the flours.Can I prepare by just kneading the dough as we normally do for all other Muruku’s.Is it a must to steam cook them??I haven’t experimented this method earlier,so not very sure.Awaiting for ur reply.


    Radha Arvindh 

  9. Mullai

    Nice recipe, tried this today and it turned out great. Seem to have a great homely collection of recipes. Keep up the good work, hope many members would love to try this.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Geetha,

      Here is what I did to steam them. Hope you might have some clean dhothi (or any thin clean white cloth should be fine), just put all the flour and tie a loose knot. Place this over an idli steaming plate (Use the lowest, so that might give some room to keep the flour) and steam it in the Idli cooker. Lets also wait for Mrs. Kalpana' s reply, bcos she might have a better suggestion.

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