Traditional Mutton Biriyani

Written by masseha


  1. rammyaraj

    It looks very appetising Masseha…just a small doubt might be a bit silly does 750 grams of Rice indicate 3 cups of rice.

  2. sunitha

    Thanks Masseha, Well wht is the difference of preparing rice seperately and mixing in layers, than adding it in the masala and cooking the rice directly with the masala??

    Looks Interesting….Can we use ghee too??

    1. masseha

      hi, sunitha. usually the bawarchis cook this type of briyani, the reason is ur rice does not get too sticky, and when u mix both rice and mutton the actual texture of dum briyani is lost. well u can use melted ghee while the briyani is on dum. do try this and let me know. bye

  3. seema

    Looks very tempting Masseha, will try it soon. In order to close the lid tightly, what do you keep on top of the vessel? Is there anything that is weighter to be kept on top of the vessel? Plz clarify. Tks in advance. My husband loves mutton biriyani very much. Tks for this wonderful recipe.

    1. masseha

      Thank u seema. u can close the lid of the vessel by wrapping a cloth [ as shown in pic]   keep a small grinding stone or a chauki  on it .

    1. MonicaJ

      Hey Masseha, Wow da all your recipes look great!!! Will certainly try the mutton biriyani one coz its my favourite… good going girl! Keep it up!

  4. Sadhanaraveen

    Masseha…I m missing India now:( 🙁 🙁
    Ur recipe is Very clear and informative.Will try to make it.

    Sadhana Raveen

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