Tomato Kuzhambu

Written by kaviarun


  1. nithyak

    hey kavi arun i have tried this and this one came out good. the plus was the mint flavour. i have also repeated this, but coming out with comment lately . ūüôā

  2. Suganswami

    Even a small difference makes matter in cooking… I have tried a lots of tomato recipes possible ‘coz mine is a family of tomato lovers except me… will try this one, too…, Kavi…

  3. shan

    Kavi, the same way i used to make this kuzhambu, instead of garam masala i used to season with Pattai, kirambu and elachi…Also i add veggie’s like brinjol and drumstick to it or raddish…Tastes yummy…

  4. Abhi Muthu

    I tried this yesterday and it came out very good. I like all your recipes. Thank you for taking time to post such tasty recipes.
    We all had a nice dinner last night.
    Keep up your good work and keep posting. Thanks again. Happy Holidays and have a nice day.

  5. Sudharavi

    hi kavi, I tried this ,it was really good, we liked it very much ,thank u ,Happy Holidays to u and ur family . I wish a very Happy Holidays to mullai and all the members of the spiceindiaonline site.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Kavi,

      Sorry, I couldn't reply you immediately but got the problem fixed though. Wasn't home yesterday and missed a whole bunch of comments. Actually¬†after you upload your thumbnail image, select it and immediately¬†the icon close to "font family" block should be highlighted, just click that to unlink and submit and there you go… the image will be show up with the recipe.

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