Tomato Dhal

Written by Radha Arvindh


  1. Susan

    Hi Radha,

    I prepared ur recipe this afternoon…. it came out very well, my husband liked it very much. Thanks for the recipe.


  2. Sureshrajadurai

    Hi Radha!!

    I tried this 2 weeks before, its really too delicious & u know i started preparing this almost thrice in a week. Thanks radha

    Pls keep posting simple & easy ones like this.

    Thanx& Regards

    1. Radha Arvindh

      Hi Suresh..

      Thank's a million.Initially I hesitated a bit to post such a basic beginners recipe then thought it would be helpful for beginners and offcourse can have a full fledged meal too.Don't prepare it often, u might tend to get bored with the same old stuff.There are many other simple recipes too..Give them a try when time permits and I too shall try to add on few more simple recipes.Shall keep ur requisition in mind!!!!! Keep trying!!!!!


      Radha Arvindh 

  3. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Ayesha..

    Thank’s a million.Ya,u can very well try it with Masoor dhal also.Regarding Non-Veg recipes(I did expect this question,would arise some day or the other)I am basically a pure Vegetarian but I do cook chicken and egg for my hubby b’se he loves Non-Veg but then I look into Mullai mam’s recipe and cook(hehhe..fact)I normally don’t taste them too.Anyway’s I have few egg recipes to be posted and I am planning to give a try to non-veg recipe on my own but the major drawback is,if the public questions me abt non-veg items I would not be in a position to give a good explanation as I am not aware how it would taste too..Anyway’s shall surely keep ur requisition in mind and to start off u would be finding a Egg gravy recipe very soon..Have a great day!!!!


    Radha Arvindh 

  4. Ayesha Shahnaz

    Hi Radha,

    I tried ur dhal today!! yummy!! was good!!
    can we try with Masoor dhal too?
    B’coz usually i do with masoor dhal?

    Why don’t u post some non-veg recipes of ur style so that we can all try?


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