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Tomato Adai Recipe

Written by Mullai

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  1. Lakshmi Mani

    Mullai Split green gram is it “pachai payiru” or can I use moong dhal the one we use for making pongal.Planning to do this for dinner tonight.Love the picture.

    1. Mullai

      Lakshmi, I really didn't get ur question, split green gram is " Pachai paruppu" which we make ven pongal. Whole Moong, muzhu pachai payiru needs more soaking time and 4 hours won't work. Is this what you asked for?

      1. Lakshmi Mani

        Ya I got it.When I saw Green gram I thought it was 'pachai payiru' but now understood that it is 'pachai paruppu or pasi paruppu' the one we use for ven pongal.Thankyou so much for your quick rather very quick response.Will try and let you know.Planning to make Garlic chutney as a side.

  2. jlakshmi

    Ever sicne I saw this recipe , I wanted to make today is the day for it. Thanks will try for tonight and let you know. Its getting soaked now..
    I just wanted to try a different Dosa and this seems to be a perfect for a Friday evening dinner.


  3. Mary Ann

    HI Mullai,

    I just love all your recipes. I would like to know whether I can substitute “masoor dhal”(red in color) as opposed to tuvar dhal and use basmati rice instead of raw rice. pls let me know.

    1. Mullai

      Mary, I’ve never tried this combination, you can ofcourse include masoor as an addition to the above, but toor is a must for adai. Considering the fact that they all come under one family.. hey why not try? Basmati might work, again thats a guess too.

  4. chamun

    hi mullai
    tomato adai was really a tasty one
    i prepared this with pottukadalai chutney
    perfect combination
    i was not that good in cooking earlier but after viewing ur recipies id been trying them
    everything comes out perfectly with very good taste
    my hubby likes them so much
    ur recipies hav created an interest in cooking and all is delicious
    u kno something always the laptop is in my kitchen refering ur recipies(ippo intha website pakkama nan samaikarathu illai)
    u hav given clear explanation with good hints
    i think this is the secret of good cooking
    thank u so much
    keep ur good work

    1. Mullai


      This batter does not need fermentation, you can use right away. You can refridgerate the leftover batter upto 2 days. But the consitency changes as the onions release water and make the batter slightly thin.

  5. Ramasamy AR

    Hey Mullai!

    Are u frm Chettinad????

    Most of the recipes speaks you are from chettinad. Any ways…… this recipe is excellent. And is of the same way my mom use to make back in India.


    1. Mullai

      Hello Ramasamy,

      First of all, thanks for your great compliments. Now… let me answer your question, my hometown is Chennai and all those Chettinad recipes were gathered from family, friends, relatives and most of all, happen to learn a few special items from our family cook, back in India, who hail from Chettinad.

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