Thenkuzhal Murukku


Famous south indian snack made with rice flour and split black gram (ulundu). (Rice chakli / Janthikalu)
2 cup Rice flour
¼ cup Split black gram powder
1 tbsp Butter(unsalted)
2 tsp Cumin seeds
½ tsp Asafoetida powder
1 tsp Salt (or to taste)
1 cup + 1/2 cup Water (approx)
5 cup Oil (for deep frying)



Dry roast split black gram in a kadai (wok) until slightly golden, and grind it in a dry grinder to make a fine powder. ( Use 1/2 cup black gram for dry roasting to obtain 1/4 cup of powder)

Mix rice flour, black gram powder, butter, salt, cumin seeds, asafoetida powder and water. Knead well to form a smooth dough.  Heat oil and keep it ready.

Using a tubular special thenkuzhal  press (achu) squeeze the dough through the strainer into the hot oil and deep fry till golden.

They can also be first shaped on  a Jalli karandi(flat ladle with holes) before dropping them in the oil. Drain excess oil using a paper towel, let cool completely and store in a air-tight container for up to a month.


Check the oil temperature before dropping the murukku. Try with a small sample.

 Always fry the murukku on medium high flame, otherwise it will brown the outer layer, and dough will be partially cooked inside.

Do them in batches, do not over crowd them while frying.

If you dont have a Murukku Achu , not a problem, use a regular ziplock bag. Make small cut on one side of a ziplock and press the dough through that. It should work fine.Smile

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33 comments to Thenkuzhal Murukku

  • Joy Felicita

    Hi Mullai,

    Can i prepare the rice flour at home?? instead of using the ready made flour from shop. which rice is used??should i have to soak and dry it?? then powder it?? Pls tell me the method….I am anxious to prepare for this christmas..

    • Hi Joy,
      You can make this murukku with store bought rice flour and it turns out pretty good. But if you want to make your own, then use Raw rice (pachai arisi). Wash and then soak the rice for atleast two hours in enough water. Then drain the water complelety and spread it on a clean towel to dry. Let it air dry for an hour. Then grind it to fine powder texture. Sieve and repeat the process. Again spread this flour on a newspaper to dry. Cool down completely then store in an airtight container. This should be good for 3-4 months. Goodluck!


  • aarthi

    I need to tell this.. all your receipies are awesome
    Tried this one, ribbon pakoda, mullu muruku and mysore pak for this diwali following yours ins , made it very easy…all the measurements were typically accurate…
    Thank u so much…
    Wish u and other members a very very happy diwali :)

  • aestherlinda

    Could you tell where do we get this type of achu in USA ?

    Thanks !

  • KCN

    what kind of arisi maavu do you reccommend here? i am using the “idiappam podi” from indian stores and the murukkus are either soft or when i allowed them for a couple of more minutes, they turned too hard. and like you said, it dint consume just one cup water for 2 cups arisi maavu. i kept adding so much – it kept doubling.. and i would have added atleast 2 cups water to this.
    am i usin the right arisi maavu here? or idiappam maavu is a wrong choice?

    • Hi KCN,
      I’ve used regular store -bought rice flour for this recipe. Idiyappam flour can be tricky sometimes and never recommend for this recipe. The measures given above are exact and should work with regular ready-made rice flour. Thanks.

  • Maha

    Hi Mullai,

    We should use only black urid dhall or even white will do?
    Pls let me know by today.
    By the way I tried ur mysorepak and kajukatli. It came very well.
    My kids enjoyed it a lot.Thank u so much for ur excellent recipes.

  • arunadeepak

    Hi Mullai, Wonderful presentation!! I have a quick question for you. I thought I saw your posting of Adhirasam. But now I am not able to find the link. I love the way you had presented that recipe. Have you deleted it for some reason?

  • chandsri81

    Hi Mullai,

    How many pieces will 2 cups of rice flour yield? I’m planning to make quite a lot for diwali but not sure how much flour to use.

    Can’t wait to try this and your Kaju katli..I’m a big fan of yours!!


  • maryannrajah

    Hi mullai, this is the first time i ever made murukku and it came out so well. the mesaurements were exact and i guess the butter did the trick of yielding crunchy murukkus.Kudos to you

  • maryannrajah

    Hi mullai, this is the first time i ever made murukku and it came out so well. the mesaurements were exact and i guess the butter did the trick of yielding crunchy murukkus.Kudos to you

  • maryannrajah

    Hi mullai, this is the first time i ever made murukku and it came out so well. the mesaurements were exact and i guess the butter did the trick of yielding crunchy murukkus.Kudos to you

  • maryannrajah

    Hi mullai,
    this is the first time i ever made murukku and it came out so well. the mesaurements were excat and i guess the butter did the trick of yielding crunchy murukkus.

  • Mohammed

    Hi! Greetings from Singapore. I wonder if you have the recipe for a type of murukku which has sugar coating after the murukku is fried. Thanks.

  • tornadodevil

    Hi Mullai THanks for the receipe.. It came out well but the problem is it became quite hard after some time.. What would be the reason??

  • Latha

    Hi Mrs mullai,made this yesterday,came out very well and superb, thank you so much. Wish you and your family a very Happy Deepavali!

  • Anonymous

    hi mullai
    tried ur thenkuzal murukku.fine.but the salt was less.please try to give correct measurements.

    • Mullai

      I've changed it to 3/4 tsp or to taste. Its always difficult to give a precise amount of salt, so pls sample a portion before doing the whole batch.

  • Flora

    Hi Mullai,

    Can I use readymade Urad Flour for this instead of grinding it at home??

  • Visitor

    Thanx a lot Mullai, i will try it next week and let U know how it was…thanx again…U R sweet and responsible and Concern for others…Good..i try to suggest UR site to all my friends waiting for marriage , so tht they can learn cooking well…

    tak care


  • visitor

    Heay Mullai,
    I have the same time of Achichu and I forgot how to use it or press it.., i knew it was very easy way , coz i tried iddiyam in it..after a long gap of Pregnency and child care..i totally forgot..Now my daughter Who is 20 months, loves Murugu..I wanna prepare it at home..can U please let me know the operating method of this Muruku achiiChu..thanx in adavnce


    • Mullai


      Its quite easy, just remove the lower lid, put in the disc (choose the one with small round shaped holes for this recipe) and twist to lock. Now, there are 2 knobs on the top lid, press the small knob as you pull the bigger one. Twist open the top lid in anti clockwise direction. Appply some oil inside the mold and fill it with dough. Put the top lid and work on clockwise direction to close. Now hold the "V" shaped handle by resting your thumb on the top handle and rest of the fingers on the bottom and squeeze out the dough directly over the oil. Hope you got an idea. Try and let me know.


    Hi Mullai, 7cup sweet is somewhat like mysorepak 7 cup means 7ingredients are there in this sweet dish. This is to priya mohanraj Here is the recipe for 7 cups sweet; Ing; 1 cup besan(kadai maavu), 1cup milk, 1 cup ghee or dalda, 1 cup grated coconut, 3 cups sugar. First keep a greased plate handy.Mix all the ingredients in a heavy bottomed pan, avoid lumps, then keep it on the stove and stir well untill bubbles starts then put it on a greased plate after it cools little ,cut into shapes.

    • Visitor

      hi mullai, thanks alot for 7 cup sweet. i tried it last diwali it didnt turn out well. But murukku was yum.. planning to do murukku even this time. everybody were amazed when i said i made murukky on my own.. becoz i dont have much of experience with savoury and sweets. BUt i bake excellently. alright take care

  • priyamohanraj

    Murukku came out well mullai. since i dont have the achu i used ziplock. so i added little more water to the flour to squeeze it from the ziplock bag. Then do u have the receipe for 7 cup sweet or mysore pak. i have the receipe for puran poli can i forward it to u so that u could post it.

    • Mullai

      Priya, since you have the recipe, why don’t you try posting it, just login and try. Save them or submit as you type, so that you won’t have to type again. Edit option is always there to make any changes. BTW I don’t have a recipe for mysore pak right now, will work on it. What did you mean by 7 cup sweet? Haven’t heard of that before? Congrats!! happened to read your other message too. My best wishes.

  • Visitor

    I made these yesterday and they r really very tasty.Thanks Mullai

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