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  1. diyaa

    hi mullai
    planning to make thattai for diwali.
    hve some i need to fry the rice flour or just the plain rice flour
    normally we dont add besan flour.
    waiting for ur reply

    1. Mullai

      Diyaa, just don't worry too much… if its needs any special treatment then it will be definitely included in the recipe. All these are ready made store bought powders.. so get started and go crunch! crunch! Oh yeah, besan is a must for my recipe. Try and get back with a feedback. Goodluck.


  2. Padma Sri

    hi all,
    Just a small tip. We tried this recipe. Though the taste was excellent, it was not crispy. What we did was, spread the thattais on a plate and microwaved them at High for 1 min. This removes all the moisture. Take out and allow it to cool for 5 – 10 mins. Crispy thattai now ready.


    1. Mullai

      Just grind to a fine powder using dry mixie or coffee grinder. If using regular mixie, then wipe it dry and clean, grind and sieve using tea filter to separate the lumps. Hope this helps. If there's no mixie, pound using a stone or hammer keeping tact inside a paper bag or pile of newspaper and then sieve.

      1. gayu1981

        wow.  thanks for the response. thanks so much . i have the mixie…i willdo it..i even have a 'salladai' to sieve:-)



      2. gayu1981

        Dear Mullai

         I am making thattais today.  . I am making it for a travel. so i am making huge quantity.  Thank god, i just made a sample by just making 5 thattais.  i waited it to cool down for 20mins then tasted it. the taste is fantastic, but not at all crispy,

        Now i have a big bowl of dry ingredients mixed. please advice me as to what to add -to make them crispy.should i addd some more rice flour?

         I will wait for ur reply and continue making the rest.


        Thanks a bunch in advance


  3. gowher

    Hi Mullai,
    This looks Awesome 🙂 I just cant wait trying this, but i dont have Dalia flour 🙁
    Can i try this without dalia flour or do i need to substitute anything else instead dalia flour? will it work?

    1. Mullai

      Gowher, try using urad flour or gram flour if you cn't find any of the above. Taste will differ depending on the flour. Dalia flour preferred.

  4. anicraj

    hi mullai
    i tried thattai today.but i did something wrong(i dont know what).dough looks good but if i put in oil it goes like sand.can u please guide me,where iam wrong.please waiting for ur reply

    1. Mullai


      This is made with store bought ready made rice flour (Arisi Maavu). If you wish to use raw rice then go with Pachai arisi, this procedure takes very long as you need to soak the rice, dry it and grind to make the rice maavu.



  5. jeyalakshmi

    Hai Mullai,

    I have tried this today but it didnt come as expected 🙁 I guess I have gone wrong with the flame. I did try over medium flame ant it was ok for the first few thattais. After that a few gone brown in the corners, so i had to keep switching between low and medium flames. the result is – most of the thattai’s are not crispy :'( namathu pona maathri iruku. what else could be the reason?


    1. Mullai

      Jeya, maintaining flame at apt temperature is the key to this recipe. Even I… due to lack of patience, lost a batch, which became too oily and ended up throwing in the trash.

      1. gayathri karthik

        HIII Mullai
        Always i find problem with the snacks except muruku.  but after seeing ur ingredients n photos immediately  i tried it but  it was little hard n not crunchy n flatten like how we get in shops. ………
        what could be wrong? if u pls post a  video cooking like parotta. it would be helpful for us the same way i need it for Gobi manchurian also. pls mullai i hope to get these two in ur page soon.
        Mullai panna thattai maathiri iruku naan panna romba Mattama iruku.yennnnnnnnn?

  6. Visitor

    Hi mullai,
    i tried only little amount of ingredients.i don’t know what mistake i did maybe i fried long time.i think next time i’ll do better.Anyway mysorepak came good.

    1. Mullai

      Kavi, Better luck next time. Don't loose hope, we all… including me.. learn from mistakes, so keep trying and you would succeed one day.

  7. kaviarun

    Hi mullai, This is kavi. The first time i messed up u'r recipe.yesterday i tried thattai ,it was very crunchy(kadikka mudiyala) .it doesn't come very thin.And the taste wasn't like thattai.. now going to make mysorepak in my style with u'r tips. kavi.

    1. Mullai

      If you fry the thattai for long time in oil, it will make it very crunchy, like you said "kadikka mudiyala".  I don't see any problem with pressing the dough, if you apply oil and follow as said in the recipe, it will turn out flat. About the taste…. if you have used the same ingredients as mentioned, it should taste like thattai… Why din't you sample before doing the batch??

  8. Radha Arvindh

    Hi Mullai…

    To start of with the Diwali preparations,I decided to choose one from ur’s and landed up doing Thattai.I and my son gobbled half of it during preparation itself.It was damn tasty!!!!.So I guess I might have to do another batch again b’se I am sure my hubby would finish the rest when he is back from work..
    Thinking over what to start next but will have to prepare double the quantity if the choice is from ur site…How’z that!!!!!


    Radha Arvindh 

    1. Mullai

      Most of my recipe portions are for a small family. One advantage… you get good practice…. ha ha.. cunning me!!! just kidding…. Thanks for you feedback. Get back to work… start your second batch… two more days left of Deepavali.

  9. Mullai

    Dear Viji,
    The recipe says melted unsalted butter and not vanaspati. You could also try hot oil instead of melted butter, but I’ve not tried this way. One small request…. pls post your doubts under appropriate recipe, it would be easy for replying and also it might help other members. Thanks for understanding.

  10. solai

    Hi mullai.Your recipe looks great.wonderful step by step snaps.But by experience i feel that instead of besan flour we can use 1/2 cup pottukadalai mavu itself.This will be more tasty.
    great work

    1. Mullai

      You must be really lucky to get what you were looking for, as there are too many recipe requests still pending for a long time. Anyways, give it a try and get back with the feedback.

      Thank you,


  11. Nithya

    Hi Mullai, Thanks so much for this receipe.This is the one i have tried many times(my own method) and every time it was a flop.But sure this time it would be success,b'coz ur measurements and method are very accurate. Excited that diwali is nearing and ofcourese diwali means lot of sweets and snacks and non-stop eatingSmile.So eagerly waiting for more new snacks/sweets receipes from you.

     Bless ur way to success..


  12. Mullai

    I’ve simplified as much as possible and there is no way to mess up. Try a small batch, there’s still a weeks time for diwali. Thank you and Good luck.

  13. Visitor

    Hi mullai,
    It is one of my favorite.i want to try for diwali.but i’m sure it doesn’t come like are a excellent cook.

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