Thai Red Chicken Curry (Take-out Style)

Written by Mullai

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    1. Mullai

      Ashwini, usually for rice its 1:2 ratio but in this case — for every 1 cup add about 1 and 3/4 cup water. Just use rice cooker and once done, transfer the content to a tray to cool, fluff with fork. Make fried rice with refrigerated cooked jasmine rice. Thanks.

  1. Krithiga Raja

    Hi Mullai,

    Tried this today with veg fried rice, was really awesome…Was same like the one we have in Thai Pepper restaurant. I couldnt believe that the Thai Red Curry Paste available for 99cents (small tin) could taste awesome. Jus I added little Lime Juice to have little sourness..Was really good Mullai..thanks a ton. Nowadays, we really have different varieties of food at home. Obviously bcoz of U!!!


  2. Cappuccino

    Mullai going to try veggie version with tofu for tomorrow…never tasted this in my life. Will try & let you know. Have to hunt for your particular brand curry paste.

    Have a great day

    1. Cappuccino

      Mullai, done with Thai Red curry sauce with Veggies & tofu….Cameout excellent. Thanx for sharing. Had with basmati rice & prawn crackers…Great Combination.

      Mullai, green curry sauce & yellow curry sauce are still the same recipe with same Maesri Brand or different ? Pls let me know, have getogether this friday. Actually we're vegetarian have to try with veggie version only. What are the variations we can give for tri-color sauce using veggies ?

      I bought the same brand which you have mentioned. It was too good. Thanx again for sharing dear.

      Have a great day

  3. Jayashri

    Mullai , I went to the shop which u told, yesterday. Prepared this dish today, I should it was awesome and tasted excellent. great hit at home.

  4. sudha

    shalini you will have to make your own red curry paste using the following ingredients.

    2 tsp each cumin and coriander seeds
    4 red bird’s eye chillies, roughly chopped
    1 tbsp paprika
    3 lemongrass stalks, roughly chopped
    4cm piece fresh galangal or ginger, chopped
    6 fresh kaffir lime leaves or the finely grated zest of 1 lime
    2 shallots, chopped
    5 garlic cloves, chopped
    Stalks from 80g bunch fresh coriander
    2 tbsp each fish sauce and sunflower oil

    grind all the above ingredients and use for the curry as explained. store the rest in the fridge for 2 weeks.

  5. shalinivenkatesh

     m living in india how to i get these brands??? i can't make it thn?? i wanted to so… and wat for vegetarians??? wat can be replaced???

  6. Lavan007

    This is just awesome! It would be appropriate to award you PhD in researching and developing mouthwatering yummy foods!! Your creativity is boundless. Keep up the inspiring work!

  7. Jayashri

    oh thanks a lot mullai , I live in sterling heights, it just 5 miles from my place. LL go there somtime and definitely need to try this receipe. Thank again Mullai

  8. Jayashri

    Mullai mam , mouth watering dish.
    need some info . From where in michigan u got this
    maesri brand thai curry paste.

    Can u tell me the shop name so that i can go and pick one

    1. Mullai


      Seven Seas Trading Company, this is quite far from where we live but worth a trip. Its a wholesale godown for chinese and thai groceries. Most restaurant owners do their shopping here…thats the secret.Wink

      21701 Hoover Rd
      Warren, MI 48089

      (586) 757-1998

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