Suraikai Kuzhambu – Sorakkai Kuzhambu – Lauki Curry

Suraikai Kuzhambu

Written by Mullai

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  1. Gops

    Dear Mullai,
    I also tried this one. I like this recipe coz it’s easy, delicious and time saving. I really appreciate your patience and service to the people by posting in your blog. Not every one can do like you. 😄

    1. Mullai

      Hey Gops, nice to hear from you, yeah… this is my fav too! I make same recipe with different veggies surrakkai, pumpkin, chayote all these work like charm. Thanks a bunch for your beautiful compliment, I’m blushing here….

  2. pradheepa

    Took a long time to find this website and receipe.. you can add more search words like sorakkai / bottle gourd.. I did this receipe once and everyone in my house liked it.. thanks for the receipe..

  3. Latha

    Hey Mullai,

    Thanks so much for the recipe. It came out very delicious. I love the taste. As another reviewer, I also added some cashew nuts. It’s awwwwesome!!

  4. Savitha

    Hi Mullai,

    I have many of your receipes. This one was the latest one. It came out real good. Enjoyed and every one loved it.

    Appreciate your effort for bringing this with your great picture effects.


  5. Shilpa

    hey Mullai, I have tried most of ur recipes and recvd lots of appreciation from my husband..All credit goes to u Mullai.I recommended this website to my friend in DC and told her specifically to try Mullai’s recipe..I have not tried this Suraikai kulambu, but this looks really yummy…will try this this week..Thanks again Mullai..U rock

  6. Kavita

    Hi Mullai,
    I enjoy consulting your recepies. Your cooking style is very similar to mine. I like the layout and photos in your blog.Keep up your great work. This recepie is very similar to my mom’s recepie, the only variation is that I add a third of a cup of chenna dal (Kadalai Paruppu-adds a bit of protein) before pressure cooking and add cashew nuts and almonds to the coconut before grinding.

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