Bottle Gourd Kofta

Written by Mullai

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  1. Minakshi

    I liked best was you baked koftas. Can we freeze them or not. As I stay in a place where it is hard to get indian veggies. I bring them from the city. I look for recepies which can be mostly freezed.
    Thks for sharing.

  2. umaponjaya

    Mullai, I made this gravy and it turned out to be very tasty!! i baked the koftas and followed ur steps and the result was awesome..thx for sharing.

  3. swathi


    I like your healthy version of kofta, I am planning to make this recipe with cabbage instead of bottle gourd.



    very nice reciepe and also different receipe,

    I have doubt you said we can fry the kofta when frying It won’t break the kofta, because I am not having oven. Or we can cook it itli maker,



    1. Mullai

      Amutha, it will never break while deep frying. Check the oil temperature, try a sample, adjust with more besan flour, if there's a problem and then proceed. You can always shallow fry too, anything which is comfortbale. Adapt to suit your needs. thanks.


  5. seema

    Mullai-na Mullai thaannu nirubichiteenga…

    Really the recipe looks so attractive and nice with well explained step by step pictures……..Wonderful work Mullai

  6. gayu1981

    wow. looks so inviting:-)

    I tried a similar version earlier on my own, but without potatoes. i think the potatoes will do a good job. When i made, the koftas were soggy and delicate. This time i am sure they would be firm due to potatoes.
    and this , baking idea sounds excellent.

  7. abhimuthu

    This is new and different recipe. Have not tried koftas with bottlegourd. Healthy splendid recipe which quenches the taste buds. Thanks for sharing.

  8. umaponjaya

    Always wondered what else to do with bottle gourd other than a different version,that too baking the koftas makes it calories friendly..the koftas in the gravy looks delicious.great job mullai!!!

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