Sura n Tomato Kurma

Written by S.Priya

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  1. shankar

    We always used to do sura puttu only, a different one. I have also heard that we can fry this fish. Have u ever tried frying this fish??

    1. Busy Bee

      You can fry it. just cut it into 1.5" (inches) cubes. You can make curries too… Follow sri lankan fish curry recipe with shark cubes.. 


      Busy Bee

  2. seema

    romba pudhumaya irukku priya…but shark romba smell varakoodiya fish aache. kurma vecha fish-oda smell romba dominate pannadha pa?

    anyway, nalla vithyasama muyarchi priya

    1. S.Priya

      Not at all Seema, thats y we r cooking the shark pieces with turmeric powder, peeling off their skins before doing them as gravy, smell adikave adikathu..masalas will envelope the fish pieces n they will tastes awesome..thanks for ur comments pa..

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