Storing Fresh Curry Leaves

Written by Mullai

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  1. Conrad

    would quick blanching the curry leaves, patting dry & then storing in whatever ways be better? Or is blanching only reserved for more leafy herbs like coriander, parsley, etc?

  2. Jyothi

    Hi Mullai,

    my mom in india microwave dries the curry leaves and gives it to me when i go to India.
    method is bring the fresh curry leaves from the market and was and drain all the water and place them on the glass microwave spining plate and microwave it for 1min. The color and flavor stays fresh and you can store it in air tight container for 6 months.

  3. ArunaDass

    I store curry leaves with the stalk in the fridge; in a flat plastic container with kitchen paper at the bottom. This keeps for more than 3 weeks.

  4. VictoriaS

    Have you tried storing them in a plastic box in the refridgerator? Plastic ziplock bags cling onto the leaves and create an environment that promotes rotting. The same kind of box you’d use to store them in the freezer will give you a several more days in the refrigerator. Do not wash them before storing.

  5. lllisa

    I read in “Savoring the Spice Coast of India” cookbook a very neat trick: keeping leaves on the stem, lay them flat between dry paper towels (you can make many layers), in a ziploc bag, refrigerated. They last for WEEKS this way, I’ve done it many times. They only start to go brown in about a MONTH when stored this way. It really works!

  6. priyasudha

    We can even freeze coriandre leaves..should be cleaned n been dried in cotton towel…coriandre leaves can be stored in freezer for more than 2 has been proved that frozened food n frozened herbs cant loss their vitamins…cut the dried coriandre into small herbs n conserve it

    1. Mullai

      You are right Shan, better to get a batch of dry leaves from India. It has to be dried in a shady place (Nizhala ullara vaithal). Counter top drying fail sometimes.

      1. Sadhanaraveen

        Hi Mullai'

        After coming back to Taiwan , i was just worried as to how i will be saving these currry leaves ….ur tip was very useful.Thanx.

        Sadhana Raveen

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