Written by jlakshmi


  1. Manoo

    Looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You have started with an awesome recipe… I have not seen cuttle fish like this. Curious to try. I am sure it will be just SUPERB!!! I am sea food fan. But, cleaning scares me all the time, so have not tried for looooong time… Thinking for trying during one weekend. Prawn, Cuttle fish & Crab my favorites btw :D:D:D

  2. biji

    Hi Jlakshmi Nice recipe, really tempting. I will be trying this when i get squid next time, BTW where are u from kk district. I am from Ngl.

  3. jlakshmi

    Can someone help me to add 2 pictures.. I tried them but it does not seem to pick up the pictures ??

    .. OK Finally I got them..

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