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  1. Lakshmi

    Hi Mrs Mullai
    This is Lakshmi again. I have one quick solution for growing the moongdaal sprouts. It’s similar to what you said till the soaking and rinsing part . The rest of the points are different . Here are points.
    1 . Soak moong daal for 12 hours in a Hot case/ vacuumed container that will keep food warm for few hours . I hope everyone will understand what I meant .
    2. After 12 hours rinse the lentil softly or else the skin might be get removed by our hands.
    3. Here comes the magic part. Place 1 or 2 kitchen tissues above the lentil and close the vessel with its lid.Don’t open it for 12 hours.
    4. After 12 hours open the lid. Now you can see sprouted moongdaal.
    5. If you check the tissues it will be wet .Thats because evaporation happened inside.
    6. You can let the lentil grow inside the hot case for one more day. It will be grown more in length. But if you leave it like that for more than one day it might cause a bitter taste . So after two days store them in the refrigerator.
    7. You can repeat this process on the third day . In that way sprouted moong daal will be at your home all the time.

    I hope this will help everyone. I will be happy if anybody tries this and stay healthy by eating this excellent natural sprouts.

    1. Mullai

      Thanks Lakshmi for sharing this lovely tip, our readers will be very happy to try sprouting including myself. That’s nice of you to take your time to post such long detailed instuction, really appreciate. Thanks again!

      1. Lakshmi

        Hi Mullai
        It’s my pleasure to help everyone here. We are using this technique and enjoying sprouts everyday. I don’t want to keep this secret with myself.Hope this will help all.

  2. abigail

    Dear Mullai,

    After soaking the sprouts overnight,we are suppose to soak again in water and then rinse and drain it for every 8 hrs…is that what u have mentioned in the 2nd step.

    Please clarify my doubt .It would be of great help.

    1. Mullai

      Abigail, its just one time soaking only and after that you just give them a rinse and drain all water every eight hours, this is done to hydrate them to avoid drying. That water should dampen the cloth which you use for sprouting, which helps for sprouting.

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