Spicy Chicken Gravy

Written by taste buds


  1. nazreen_hameed116

    wowwww mouth watering dish…..i like ur recipes soo much.they really taste very different.chicken 65 fry was just awesome.
    thanksss a lottt

  2. abhimuthu

    Nice recipe and good attractive color chicken gravy. Pictures taken with good lighting. Will try and let you know. Thanks for sharing.

  3. priyasudha

    WOw Sadhana superb dish..lol as u said me too cooking nowadays with my digital camera..cant believe trying to be a professional cooker n photographer..

    1. Sadhanaraveen

      hehehe Thanx Priya..aana unga pic alavukku illa..update more tips about taking recipe pics in the forum created.

      Sadhana Raveen

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