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  1. Very attractive and healthy combo meal for kids. Very useful post.

  2. lovely color…yummy..

  3. Hammour Fish is called Kalavai in tamil

  4. I have made different types of biriyani but this was very perfect chettinad biriyani. The biriyani masala s very good. And the proportions u mention s appropriate. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Hi.. ur recipes are very nice n tried many. This too came out very well. Keep up the good work.

  6. Good work, For dolphin-Oangal is the Tamil word.

  7. but in a previous comment dated 6th feb 2014, sridar has said its “KAALAA” in tamil, now which is right?

  8. awesome recipe, tried today…. became fan of u Mullai ji :) hats off to u :)

  9. Hello Mullai ji, tried this dish, was ultimately delicious…. :) looking forward to try all your dishes, I am north Indian and married to an Andhra person, :P and came to completely different atmosphere. and your recipes made my way easier as my in laws also become shocked some times that how i can make southindian dishes without asking recipe from them :P i havent shared the secret yet :) but really thanks for sharing nice recipes… :) it really helps to the ppl like me. Keep posting.

  10. Julie, make sure you use castor sugar(powdered sugar) instead of granulated sugar. Do not use confectioners sugar which is also powdered sugar but the has corn starch in it. Thanks.

  11. Hi. Is it okay to just use powdered sugar to begin with – instead of powdering the granulated sugar? Thank you!!!!

  12. I am staying in Ames. I am looking for eyebrow threading here . All the salons are having waxing eyebrows which doesn’t makes into a perfect shape.

  13. Great idea mullai.

  14. Hi Mullai,made the curry in the morning.Turned out super tasty ,just like the way in the restaurants.Infact ,I added 2% milk instead of cream and used half butter ,half oil.But still it tasted so good.Thanks again for the wondeful recipe and detailed explaination.Please do post Kadai paneer (your style) sometime

  15. Thanks for the headsup Mullai.I have only those pink color ones.I will proceed with your exact recipe and will let you know

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