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  1. Lamb sounds interesting Rajani.. thanks for your feed back.

  2. Thanks Menaga, credit goes to Madhavi!

  3. Thanks Menaga and Madhavi!

  4. Vadai looks super soft n crispy,yumm..

  5. woww really it looks like owl,super mullai…

  6. Wow! owl cookies made to perfection,I am honoured .MCK had been referred in the premier website like spice india online.

  7. This recipe is yummy. I used lamb for this dish. My hubby and parents loved it. Thank you!

  8. Nicely done .. looks so appealing & crispy .

  9. looking yummy….want 2 try it today……….

  10. Hi Mullai Mam, I made this for evening snack :) post Diwali and my family enjoyed it. Came out really well thank you so much for your lovely recipes.

  11. Great Recipe! Please let me know if there is a substitute for curd or if I can skip it as my hubby don’t eat curd. Thanks in advance for your response and keep up the great work!

  12. Yes Deepa, go ahead and use the US measurement cups. Thanks!

  13. Can I use US measurements cups for this recipe?

  14. Thanks Sarah dear!

  15. Thank you Mullai Mam for this recipe. I tried this out today and
    My family really enjoyed it very much.

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