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  1. Salmon Fish is called KAALA MEEN.
    ஷீலா மீன் is called Barracuda.

  2. This is a great recipe. I tried this and it was excellent.I did add raisins to give it a sweet touch. All in all its a great dish and your presentaion is excellent…Thanks so much…

  3. I like this receipe

  4. Thank you Priya!

  5. Lovely.Same taste as the gravy served with biryani in restaurants. will make it very time with biryani…thanks.

  6. awesome…I would like to have it right now (very cold here)..yummy..

  7. Thanks Uma!

  8. Hi Mullai, I am big fan of your receipies. They taste really good. I always love basil Thai fried rice and tried your receipe. Included basil leaves and turned out really good.

  9. slurrppppppppppp..super mullai..will try it soon !!

  10. Awesome…..turned out to be a heavenly utterly butterly biscuit……..yummy……
    Many thanks for the simplest recipe……..

  11. Thanks Madhavi and Shanthi you both always send a feedback and I really appreciate.

  12. Hi Shammu,
    Thanks for your feedback. I’m very glad to hear.. actually those fine cut ginger does go into the marination. Its ginger chicken and you need to infuse the chicken with some ginger flavor(it does get fried along with the chicken) and ginger garlic paste goes into the dry gravy. (you can also use finely chopped that way you get the crunchy feel when take a bite) I did edit the recipe and you can proceed with the preparation. Hope this helps and get back after trying. Please also share a pic of the same if you can on our facebook page. Thanks.

  13. Mam,
    Am a big fan of your website and I learnt cooking from your site only.It’s been my bible always. I was looking for the chicken recipe I tasted years back in Shanzi restaurant in annanagar. One comment mentioned it tasted like that, so planning to give this a try tonight. I have a doubt, you have mentioned about marinating the chicken with ginger pieces and then again asked to add the ginger strips along with veggies.A bit confusing there,could you please clarify? Should we not fry the chicken along with the ginger strips in the very first step itself?

  14. Perfectly perfect the texture and color…

  15. Cookies looks chewy,healthy &lovely pic too.

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