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  1. wonderful parathas….yummy presentation….

  2. Hi Priya,

    It’s mentioned in the recipe to bake in oven for 20 mins. Can you please clear if it’s said for micromode or convection mode.? Can we do the same in microwave mode, if yes, then what should be the time?

    Please respond.

  3. Hi Mullai, I read your recipe yesterday and cudn’t resist myself trying out the same evening. Its promising 2 minute recipe !! Marvelous cake. I wanted to know if I can use the same recipe in convection mode to bake a cake. WHat should be the exact proportion and temperature for convection mode. Also, the mug cake, dint come out clean out of the mug. So, will convection mode help to take it out clean as a cake?
    Please do reply.

    Many Thanks for a wonderful quick cake recipe!!!

  4. Tilapia

  5. Thanks Menaga!

  6. cute & healthy murukku !!

  7. Healthy n tempting pongal,love the last pic mullai…one parcel anupunga..

  8. Thanks Shanthi!

  9. very useful information abt varagu….very nice post….

  10. Thanks Madhavi!

  11. Good healthy Breakfast and nice presentation.

  12. My favorite pongal become less carbo combo like the innovation & presentation.

  13. Love these but they make a mess of both my pan and oil, possibly I don’t let the oil get hot enough, however I have tried to ‘bake’ them with a moderately successful outcome.

  14. would quick blanching the curry leaves, patting dry & then storing in whatever ways be better? Or is blanching only reserved for more leafy herbs like coriander, parsley, etc?

  15. Both Vinayagar and kozhukattai looks super.

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