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  1. Vino,
    You won’t see a whole lot of oil floating on top, just a little which will definitely separate, I don’t know what cold possibly go wrong. If yo think your consistency is watery then try adding extra kuzhambu podi (which includes red chili, dhania, cumin , fenugreek, toor dal, black pepper) which is also readily available in stores or make your own following this recipe

    you may also increase coconut paste for a creamy texture, hope this helps!

  2. Hi Krithika,
    I personally feel MTR has that restaurant quality & flavor, try and let me know. Thanks!

  3. Thanks Anita!

  4. Tried this and it was a hit,we relished it.Thk u for sharing.

  5. Hi mullai. I am new to your blog. I just want to know which sambhar powder tastes good. Mtr, shakti or anything else ?? Pls let me know. I want to make my sambhar tastier. I am reading your recipes. I will try soon..


  6. Hi I tried few kuzhambu recipes frm ur site.. Vendakkai Kara kuzhambu nd dis one.. Tastewise gud..before addin coconut oil seperates frm t gravy but after addin coconut paste it din..even I grinded to a smooth paste..tried thrice nd exactly followed ur steps..din get t texture as shown in pic.. Pls help me,out dear..

  7. I was searching for some names and found your site. It answered some of my questions. Thankyou so much!!

  8. Wow. really very nice

  9. Very tasty dish…Worked out very well with Jeera Pulao.

  10. wow!!! this is just awesome dude!!! i just luv it… i’m 17 and i am first one to make chilli chicken in my home :) it has come out really well….congrats…

  11. Hi Judy,
    Ajinomoto is just a taste maker and you may skip that part, there is no substitute for this, just add a pinch of sugar instead which would even out the dish.

  12. Hi I can’t eat ajinomoto so can i make this dish without adding it or can u suggest any substitute product.

  13. Hi,

    I live in Charlottesville, VA. Anyone know any Indian threading places around here?

  14. Thanks Deep!

  15. Came out really well… Tried with chicken n egg.. Awesome receive.. Many thanks… Shared this link to my sis aswell

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