Shrimp Fry

Written by Mullai

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  1. padmavijay

    hi mullai,

    thank u so much for ur fantastic recipe’s….i’ve really enjoyed every bit of it…..not only me,my whole family did….

    u have become one of my family member now,coz,every time i make something new and tasty,my hubby’s says that “this shud be mullai’s recipe”…..

    thank u again for giving us all fabulous recipe’s….keep up the good work….

    take care,bye.

  2. bubagump

    Excellent recipe. Tried it today and it was delicious. I did have to add a few tbsp of water otherwise it looked extremely dry.

    Thanks for all your recipes, Mullai. Please keep up the good work. You are a savior!

  3. pooja

    hi mullai

    i have tried this recipe a number of items and each time i feel like eating more n more
    when i first started my cooking i used to end up in a hopeless muddle. my hubby likes non veg and i dint have a germ of an imagination of how to cook non veg. thanx to u now my hubby is so happy.
    u have relieved my problem.
    we both love this recipe. almost every week i want to eat this shrimp. one doubt whenever i make i dont get the color which u’ve pictured. it turns to be brown . is it because of the chiili powder?

    1. Mullai

      Thanks for your feedback, actually the picture was taken with flash and hence the dark red colour. Actually this dish will look dark brown in day light.

  4. Shobee

    Hi Mullai, I'm new to this site & tried this Recipe, it really came out so well. Superb!!!Great Recipe. MY husband liked it very much.Thanks a lot Mullai.

  5. christy1978

    yes i cooked shrimp for lunch,it came out really superb, i got my Husband appreciation, thank you so much.

  6. christy1978

    such a tasty apperarence the way it looks.
    i’m going to try today….This dish make me to try it rightaway, thank you for such a good recipes, very much appreciated.

  7. Shree Portonovo

    Hi Mullai, I fixed this Shrimp Fry for dinner last evening and it was an absolute hit! Thanks for sharing this authentic recipe.


  8. shanthikrishna

    hai mullai,

    i tried this recipe was really superb….my husband appreciate me….i love it..thanks mullai..

    with love


  9. Solai

    My husband tried this shrimp yesterday and it came out very well.He doesnt let me cook non veg as I make it spicy(thats what he says). Hes become an expert in making Non-veg dishes, Thanks to your site.

    1. Mullai

      Latha, you need not add any water as tomatoes, shrimp and salt might release some which is sufficient for this dish. But if you prefer little gravy to adjust for an extra person add not more than 1/4 cup of water.

      1. latha

        Hi Mullai, I tried this recipe and added very little water for gravy.It came out very well,and my husband really enjoyed it.Thank you so much!

  10. Lucky21

    Just amazing.I tried it & it was delicious. Ms.Mullai , thanks for all your recipes. I know it is a lot of work for you , but the pictures & the step by step recipe, it just makes it easy for everyone. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Anonymous

    My wife is pregnant and I cooked this for her and she really enjoyed it. Very easy to make and a Great recepie..thanks

  12. Rani

    Hi..I tried this recipe on sunday…it was really good…I picked up few recipes from u r site n wanna try on these. Thanks a lot for u r dishes.

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