shrimp cocktail(mystyle)

Written by danalakshmi

am very friendly, carrying and short temper. i have one daughter and am busy with her all the times. my hubby is very supportive,he is the one to first test my recipe.



    1. danalakshmi

      oops, i read the site it compare egg and shrimp. thanks one point i noted is shrimp has omega3, sorry i didn't say it is zero calorie it is less calorie.moreover all the sea foods are good to our health.anyway thanks for stopping by. i will check anything before i post it, thanks for notising.

      So, for the cholesterol sufferer, shrimp appears an ideal food for most of us
      (please read this)

  1. danalakshmi

    thanks aarthi
    its all our spiceindia friends inspiration to make me cook.
    i want to thank them all. before 2 years i even don’t know the cook sambar.

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