Seppankizhangu Fry Recipe – Taro Root Fry – Arbi roast

Written by Mullai

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    1. Mullai

      Swathi, frozen arvi comes in the form of cubes.. right?? that might be little hard to fry on all sides. If they are pre cut slices as shown then it will suit this recipe. Try and let me know. Thanks.

  1. kaviarun

    Hi Mullai…the third time i made this today.It came good.
    Really i want to say special thanks to this recipe. I love this fry.(i mixed everything last night and kept in the fridge. Because i’ve to cook early morning)

  2. hemeetha

    Hi Mullai, This dish came out well. kalakkaringa…Thanks! I have optimised to cook the root in pressure cooker. here is the tip for optimal cooking of potatoes and taro roots in cooker: wash the roots and add water just enough to cover them. wait for one hiss. switch off the flame immediately. wait for 3-5 minutes. now slowly release the pressure and remove the roots.drain the water and allow it to cool for 10 min. the roots are ready to peel and further processing. This saves time as well as fuel :-).

  3. Kothai

    Hi Mullai,
    I tried this recipe today but didnt comeout very well. The masala didnt stick to the taro much and so it tasted bland. Also the little masala which stuck to the taro got seperated in the oil. So the final product tasted like plain taro slices fried in oil. Dont know where I went wrong. But the photo of ur fry looks tempting and I would like to give it one more try. Could u suggest some solutions? Also the cooked taro was not very soft. The central part was little hard with bright white color. May be should I cook the taro for some more time?

    1. Mullai


      I wonder what could have went wrong, but anyway, here are some suggestions.

      1.Check whether the taro root cooks thoroughly, a knife or skewer should pass through easily when done. 2. After cooking the root, allow to cool for few minutes and cut immediately and toss when its still warm and semi-wet. This makes the masala powder stick easily and will not come off. Try again, better luck next time.

  4. shweta balakrishnan

    Hi Mullai,

    i have make this recipe but with different ingredients. like instead of using redcilli pwdr, dhania pwdr, turmeric pwdr, garam masala pwdr, i used sambar pwdr which has these contents. this can be good substitute also.

    thank you

  5. kaviarun

    Hi mullai,
    yesterday i made this sidedish for mour came excellent.i made this varuval with 5 kizangu.My both kids veluthu kattitanga & there is no more for me .They said it tastes like meen varuval.thank u for excellent dish.Actually i fry this kizangu with chilli powder & salt. i think from now i have to change my method.bye.

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