Cauliflower Varuval

Written by Mullai

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  1. Nandhoo

    your recipes are mouth watering! I am far away from my granny who hails from Karaikudi but still your recipes bring out granny’s consistency and touch in all recipes.. Such maturity in cooking! Great service to the womanhood.. Keep up the good service and am sure the females will appreciate ur excellent work!!!

  2. abigail

    Hey Mullai missed u a lot was cruising ur site every other day …i really missed
    ur colourful presentation of recipes and ravishing plating and garnishing !!!
    Looking for some good old south Indian delicacies from ur kitchen !!!!
    Happy Holidays Dear Mullai!!!!
    Missed u a lot

  3. Cappuccino

    Mullai, good to see your post, after a longtime. Tried many recipes from our SIO tilldate, evrything cameout superb. Hope you are busy with work.

    I love cauliflower & its negative calorie vegetable too. I too do in the sameway but finally i will add tsp of coconut grinded with sombu. Thanx for sharing dear.

    Have a great day

  4. Poorna

    dear Mullai,
    Missed ur recipes for a long time. checking SIO after checking my mails has become part of my morning schedule! I have tried 20 of ur recipes till date and all have come out really well, esp murukku and kaju katli. Thank you for making cooking much easier and interesting!
    I usually avoid cauliflower for its smell,but made this curry for lunch today, and it tasted great without any hint of its smell. Thank you for posting the recipe.

    could you plz post a recipe for akkara vadisal, if you find time.

    thank you,

  5. jkpriyadarshini1984

    Hello Mullai,

    Off late im getting very attracted to ur website. and have been peeping around every now and then wanting to try ur recipies. And my eyes saw this recipe today and i should tell u that this is gonna be the first one for me to try from ur site. And im very excited since im very very bad at cooking cauliflower…to the extent that my DH literally makes faces when i tell him that lets buy a cauliflower in our trip to a grocery store. 🙁 and that is so embarrasing..i should say since he never complaints on my other dishes and appreciates.
    So, lemme try this next week..since i dont have cauliflower handy and have to finish other vegges in the fridge before making this.
    Ore chinna doubt Mullai…
    Im guessing u are here in US too like me. what tomato should i use? I can see from the pic that u are using tomato on the vine/cluster tomato variety? Can i use that too..or should i use Roma? silly q from my side..but please clarify..

    1. Mullai

      Hi Priya,

      Ripe roma tomatoes will work, unripe ones will not blend and you don't get that mushy gravy. I usually prefer the one on the vine because they are less sour, sweet and almost melt as soon you put them in the pan.(these are similar to "naatu thakkali") You can substitute these with  big salad tomatoes too. Well, they must be ripe and juicy thats all matter. Good luck, catch you soon with rest of your cauliflower story.

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