Rava Idli Recipe – Instant Rava Idli – How to make Rava Idli

Rava Idli Recipe

Written by Mullai

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  1. SindhuBiju

    Dear Mullai

    Im so happy to say that i made rava idli this morning and it turned out perfect.Thanks a lot.Cheers and keep posting ur great recipes.:).

  2. umav

    Hi Mullai,

    I have the Idly plate with holes in it. Can I use cloth on the plate and pour the batter over it? Will it be sticky?

    Thanks for a great recipe. Waiting for your reply

    1. Mullai

      Umav, cloth will work. Holes actually give even circulation of steam resulting in good softer idlis. Sprinkle some water on the back side of the cloth(not on idli side) once you remove from the idli plate. This will loosen the idli and can be easily removed. Thanks.

  3. bvani

    hi mullai,

    yesterday i tried rava idli. it came out well but it was little hard. i didnt add soda.. is it becoz of that.. it was quite rubbery too. but i steamed it for 10 mins only..

    1. Mullai


      Baking soda really helps to puff up those idlis. Too much steaming will cause it to turn rubbery, I use aluminum idli steamer and for that I usually allow 10 minutes, try to reduce the steaming time to fit your steamer. Moreover this idli has to be served hot and would not recommend reheating, bcos after a while they tend to turn hard. Thanks.

  4. keerthi_d

    mullai,i use to make rava idli without frying rava. is there any specifuc reason for frying rava, if so can u pls expalin, so that i’ll fry wen i make it this night.cheers.

  5. sudha.dilip


    Will the rava idlis come out well if i dont add soda.. I dont know where to get soda here at Berlin.. luckily i have all the other items with me..

    1. Mullai

      Sudha, try using 1/4 tsp baking powder instead, these are rising agents and helps to puff up the idlis. You can still proceed without any of those, but idlis will turn very flat. Also try little very sour yogurt about 1/4 tsp , this might help sometimes. Goodluck.

      1. sudha.dilip

        Mullai, thank u so much for the immediate response.. I landed in Berlin jus one month back and yet to find out places where i can get baking pwdr or soda.. everyhting is in german here and after long struggle yday got a pack of rava..even the curd here is not sour.. anyways i will try wit the available ingredients..something is better for nothing.. btw, ur recipes are great ! will try them and let u know..

  6. mohana kumaran

    Hi mullai,

    I made the rava idli yesterday but it turned out little hard. What could be the reason. Will adding more yogurt make it. hard. Waiting for ur reply.


    Mohana kumaran

  7. valli_02

    Hi Mullai, I tried this recipe and the taste was great, but the idlis were little watery. I steamed them for about 20 mins (pressure cooker), should I keep it lil longer? The batter was not too thick or too watery, I'm not sure what went wrong. please advice.



    1. Mullai


      The consitency of the batter should be semi thick. Steaming for too long will make them rubbery, steam over medium high flame for 10 minutes.  Sometimes due to heavy release of steam, idlis in lower plate will look soft with watery sides. Good luck next time and thanks for dropping a feedback.

  8. vidhyajayaram

    hi mullai,
    today i tried rava idli…it came out well….i did as per ur instruction….mu hubby liked it very much….thanx for sharing this wonderful recipe

  9. Jaanvi

    Hi mullai,

    I made the rava idlis and it was so tasty with sambar, my husband enjoyed a lot while eating.Thank you so much fo a wonderful recipe.

    Thanks Jaanvi.

  10. Jas

    Hi Mullai,
    I have been thinking till now that the Rava idli’s, rava dosa’s were made by adding this mixture with the original batter of the idli that we usually make and then made into rava idli’s. I didn’t know that the rava idli’s have a different combination of ingredients like semolina with vege’s or wheat rava. That’s interesting too. Thanks again.


    thanks mullai for the awesome recipe, the idlis came really good full of flavour , our sunday morning breakfast turned out to be good with thengai chutney n some leftover sambar, thanks to u

  12. Suganswami

    I wonder the way you choose diff. recipes. My mom makes it with wheat rava, too. Only thing is we should look for small grain wheat rava.

  13. Ramya Ashok

    Hi mullai,
    I made rava idlies lots of time. but never get the actual output. will give a try of urs n let u know. Did u use the normal semolina or idli rava?

  14. vidhyajayaram

    hi mullai,
    it looks yummy…i love it..thanx for sharing such a nice recipe coz my favourite dish is idli…unga veetukku sappida varalam pola erukku

  15. Sudharavi

    Hi mullai,

    I usually buy this mix in grocery stores.But never realized that it can be made at home.

    Mullai, Thank u for sharing this recipe.Surely I will give a try and post the result soon.Have a nice day.

  16. Manoo

    A doubt mam… I heard that there is a kind of idli tattu that we can keep in microwave oven. Is that true. Can we keep idli thatu in rice cook's steam basket. If can i dont mind buying a plate and use it. So bored of eating outside. Vara vara romba mosamaga samakiranga shops it. Pls let me know..Thank you… It will be grate if you let me know asap. then I can get one before my class starts… Thank you. Mom mix those veges to normal idli batter. I posted that tips too. Take care…

    1. Vijitha

      Hey manoo. I have tried one gadget like this http://cgi.ebay.com/Microwaveable-Angel-Food-Cake-Pan-Egg-Poacher_W0QQitemZ220162957630QQcmdZViewItem But we should keep this in the microwave for long time. Actually its meant to make egg poaches. But some Indians are using this as idli maker. I'm not sure how much time it will take. i KEPT IT FOR 10 MINUTES. But still it was sticky inside. Note the time using trial and error method and come with the perfect minutes..VIJI

      1. Manoo

        Hiii AKka,

        Today micorwave idli plate vettai nadaka pokuthu. Thanks for immediate reply. Seems like you are browsing nowadays… WIll mail you soon…

        Take care



    2. Mullai


      Microwavable plates are available but I don't have one to share the procedure. Online store sell but not sure whether they ship to Malaysia. Better to check locally.

      1. Manoo

        Thank you mam. Do you have any idea abt getting them in India. Then I can bug my homie to bring it. Anyways going to little india let me check if they have. Also will check in the stores….Thank you….

    3. ssujatha

      hey sis,

           yes u get microwavable idli thattu…i saw it in india.i even have one at home…..it will have 2 thattus….i was surprised that they have kutti idli thattu too….

         mmm regarding rice cooker,u can add some water inside the rice cooker and place the idli plates as we do in regular idli vessel…one thing is ur plate should fit in the rice cooker..


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