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  1. kaviarun

    Raechel, today i messed up with rasogollas….my rasagollas started to dissolve in sugar syrup….i don't know wt mistake i did….so i strained sugar water & made milk khoa.

    1. kraechel

      Oh okay, so lets see, may be the paneer balls had much water content in them. Good you made good use of the stuff turning it into khoa. Better luck next time.

  2. bhargavi

    hey Kraechel,
    where should I start??? I am on cloud 9 …..:) really…This is the first time i made it..and those came out excellent….Once i dropped the balls into the sugar syrup..I was very eager to have a look..i could control myself jussst for 10 min…But to my surprise…I balls were doubled…wow..awesome man…..And they are on the stove now…i am giving this feedback instantly..after loking those…..couldn’t control my self……

    thankx a trillion..!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. shan

    Kraechel, Rasagullas came out good. It tastes as made in Restaurants…I used 2% milk to make paneer. It worked fine for me. I followed the procedure and i got it…Thank you so much for sharing us such a wonderful sweet receipe.

    1. kraechel

      Hey Shan… Conratulations!! enjoy!!… Even I hvae tried with 2% milk… comes out beautifully with it too.. 🙂

      Thank you for trying it out!

  4. sudha

    hi kraechel, i made rasagollas today and guess what its a great success. i followed your recipe step by step. they have come out beautifully.

    like i told you before i have tried this in the past and wasnt successful. where i was going wrong was i did not knead the paneer well, today i put it in my mixie and gave it a good mix it became so soft and the fat was biginning to show. then i made the rasagollas.

    thankyou very much for sharing this with us.

  5. Riya

    hi kraechel, i had not used whole milk but instead used fat free milk..will it make a huge diff b/w whole milk and fat free milk..when i do palak paneer and other paneer stuff i use fat free milk,there is no prob,so tried it with fat free milk…is tis the reason for my rasgullas 2 not double their size… Thx in advance

  6. Ramya Ashok

    kraechel, do u have any tip to soften the rasagullas. becos i tried ths once,the taste was gud but the rasagullas were rubbery and not soft.

    1. kraechel

      Ramya, try to squeeze out all the water from the paneer.
      Did you use whole milk?
      hope you did not boil the rassogollas for more than 25 mins.. next time you can check in between when it is boiling… switch off a little earlier and try..

      1. Ramya Ashok

        Kraechel,i didnt boil for 25 mins.i just left 1 whistle in pressure cooker.but used 3.25% milk and squeezed out all water 4m paneer. anyways, will try again n let u know

  7. Riya

    hi kraechel,
    I tried this today,but my rasgullas did not double their size…but the taste was good…where could i hv gone wrong…i kneaded the dough,but for how long should u knead it…
    Thanks in advance..

    1. kraechel

       Hi Riya,

      You need to knead the dough only until  the paneer is combined well like a big soft ball.

      When making the small balls do not knead it very tightly.. see that there are fine cracks in it so that the syrup can enter and cook the balls.

      FYI.. the balls will swell within 10 minutes.

      Hope you used whole milk and squeezed water completely from the paneer…

       Apart from these you cannot go wrong anywhere in the process.

  8. Manoo

    my favourite….. our neighbour was bengali aunt…. she used to make this & keep it in clay pot for two days…then give us…. we loved it… after i left india i din get to eat tasty rassogolla…. willl try this one day….than you kraechel…

  9. sudha

    Hi kraechel, i have tried rasagullas few times in the past and they were always a flop for me. it swells up when its boiling in the syrup but when it cools down it becomes hard.i have made it exactly same way but added 1tsp of maida hence i have given up making them.

    like latha said i was also told to add 1tsp of maida.dont know where iam going wrong

    anyways yours looks really nice will try it this weekend and let you know
    thankyou in advance

  10. latha.mn

    Ya kraechel I can see all the step 7 with the notes and now u modified with extra information of mullai paneer page everthing is clear

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