Puzhungal Arisi Idli Dosai

Puzhungal Arisi Idli Dosai

Written by Mullai

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  1. nila

    hi,atlast i found out the mistake is in the grinder stone..it was flat and polished.then i put some spots (kothurathu)on the stone.then i grind the flour as you said.it came out really good like your picture.thank you soo much..

  2. nila

    thank you soo much..feeling really very happy after u replied me.i will try to grind the dhall as you said and let you know the result.sticky means its like “cooked maavu”.sorry if it sounds stupid..he hee.

  3. nila

    big fan of ur site..you are doing amazing job,,,pls pls clearify my doubt..i followed ur proportion and i used parboiled rice only.my idly looks so good and spongy soft but it is sticky inside..steaming time is also correct.please help me…nobody giving me the right answer…….

    1. Mullai

      Nila, What do u mean by sticky? If its not cooked then you have to increase the steaming time, once done switch off. Do not scrap the idlis right away, let it sit in the idli pan for few minutes then they would easily slide when you scrape. Sometimes if the urad dal quality also makes the batter sticky. Trying grinding then with less water and make sure they are really fluffy after grinding. If they turn out rubbery while grinding thats one indication that you idlis going to be sticky. Thanks.

  4. jkpriyadarshini1984


    Please help me with my doubt. I have whole urad dal at home..got it by mistake. Can i follow the same recipe with whole urad..or should i get broken one.
    Also, does the dosa texture depend on the pan we use..i have non stick and dosa kaalu too ( from India ).
    Please help panango.

  5. suja

    Hi Mullai
    Can you pleas let me know what the difference between this idli/dosa and the regular idli/dosa are – like texture or taste wise?

  6. ani

    hai Mullai
    Just a clarification before soaking … U’ve mentioned 1 1/2 cnt.. Is that 1 1/2 cup urad dall?? Or its any other measure term??
    Because ur measuring qty helps me to get gud name in my family for most of ur dishes i’ve tried.

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