Indian Chicken Puffs Recipe – Bakery Style Chicken Puffs – Chicken Curry Puffs

Written by Mullai

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  1. jeba


    I am new to your blog. I am living in chennai, can u tell me where i will get this puff pastry sheets. Thank you for sharing nice recipes. Please reply.

  2. ani

    Hi frnds,
    I’m in CA,can anyone pls help me where to get the puff pastry here ??
    I’m so eager to try this for this Diwali.Pls help me…

  3. ambikai

    Hi mullai,
    I am a new to ur blog. Really awesome and great recipes for all users. Thank you so much for sharing ur recipes.
    Since i am living in chennai, can u tell me whr i will get this pastry sheets. Already i hve tried in foodworld(spencer’s) but i didn’t get it. pls reply.

    1. Mullai

      Ambikai, this is not available in Chennai. These are machine made pastry sheets and are quite hard to find in India, as you always have the comfort of buying freshly made curry puffs from the local bakeries, you really don't need these. Try import stores like " Amma nana", pls check directory for address, guess its close to Park Sheraton. Thanks.

  4. sacha4

    Hi Mullai… Big fan of yours always….have a question on this..instead of baking sheet can i use aluminium foil and do i have to grease the foil or nething?


  5. suchitra

    Hi Mullai, Recipe is mouth watering. I stay in UK. I have no idea where can i get the Puff pastry sheets here. Please help me out in this. Thanks , Suchitra

    1. suchitra

      Dear Mullai, Atlast i got the pastry sheets , it is not in the form of sheets. we have to roll it. In the instruction it is mentioned the temp , my doubt is do we to bake it like cake in conventional oven with Fan??




    1. Mullai


      Once you bake, its good for a day and should not be refridgerated. Better when fresh and hot. Unbaked prepared turnovers can be kept in the fridge for a couple of days, though the packing instruction says no to refridgeration once the sheets are thawed, have tried that trick and it works. But its always good to stick to the packing instruction and make it fresh. Thanks !!

      1. Rak

        You can freeze it before baking and after baking too. Just throw it in that oven and rebake when you want to eat. I do that all the time. I have no health issues.

    1. Mullai

      Dear Sathya, Possibilities are countless.

      American dessert style : 1. Butter + Cinnamon + Sugar, 2. Cherries + cream, 3. Mixed fruits + cream cheese, Sugar + coconut filling.

      American Savoury style : Butter + meat + cheese + Pepper + salt

      Euporean Style : Nutella spread + Chocolate

      Indian Adyar Bakery Style : 1. Carrot + Potato + Beetroot + Beans + Above masala, 2. Boiled eggs with above masala.

      Indian local bakery style : Country vegetables (Naatu Avarakai, Dried peas, Sundal + turmeric+ Pepper+chilli powder ).

      Triplicane, Chennai style :(Minced goat meat + onion + Chilli powder + Black pepper powder)

      North Indian Samosa style stuffing: Partly mashed potato carrot, green peas, cumin powder + ajwain powdered= chilli powder.

      Kids style : Jam or strawberry jelly filling.

      Chinese Style : Thinly sliced carrots + beans + cabbage + Green onions + soy sauce + salt and pepper.

      Mullai's style : Shown above.

      and it goes on and on.. choose a style and enjoy.



  6. pritisgin

    hi Mullai I tried the puffs. It was very good. For stuffing I put chicken chilly. It taste very good. I cooked on my husbands birthday. It was very  nice surprise for him

    thanks .

    For all who want to know where we get the sheets u can get in frozen section of Target.

    priti Smile

  7. abish

    hi mullai,
    happy new year. where to get pastry sheet?.
    is it possible to prepare pastry sheet at home if it so how?.
    can we bake puffs in microwave?
    what to do to see the picture?
    take care

    1. Mullai

      Abish, wish you the same. You have to register to see the pictures. If you in Inida, then you won't find the sheets. Its possible to make but I've not ventured yet. Microwave doesn't help for this recipe, you need conventional oven.

      1. lathareddy

        Hi priti,

         U can get in WAL MART frozen section and these should be backed in conventional oven only,so that u can get tasty puffs.

  8. priyamohanraj

    hi mullai,

    i tried in all american stores but couldnt find the pastry puff. i am in CA. Is there any store were i can look in for those..

    1. Mullai

      Priya, its hard for me as I'm not familiar with that area. Members from same place could help you. Did you check the freezer section, bcos Pepperidge farm is a very famous brand and there's no way to miss. If you cannot locate just get help from the grocer they might be able to help or atleast guide you as to where its available.

  9. Hiii

    Hi Mullai,

    I did this for the first time 2 weeks back for the christmas party and it was a big hit. Thanks so much for the recipe.

    You have a great website, nice pics and easy recipes. Must be a lot of hard work 🙂

    Btw, Im from Troy. Nice to know u r nearby.



  10. kraechel

    Mullai …. have tried this puff with veg. and egg stuffing… tastes great like from Iyengar bakery shops in India… Thanks for exploring so much and giving us great snack… kudos to you!


  11. Visitor

    Hi mullai, finally i got these pastry sheets in Kansas. Now i have some doubts, how long should the sheets to be kept in room temperature. One time i tried to cook spring roll..  kept them too longand they became very hard, after that couldn't use them. 



    1. Mullai

      All these store bought sheets will have clear instructions for baking, just follow them. Anyhow, once when they come to room temperature(like our chapati dough),1. stuff and bake or 2. make the puffs in the morning, line them in a wide tray and keep refridgerated (do not freeze) and then bake them the same evening.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Geetha,

      Can you let us know your location? Members from same place can help you find one. I'm from Michigan and found this at Kroger, Meijer and Farmer Jack.

  12. Mullai

    OK here is what you need to do.
    1.Since you said 45 people, you need 3 boxes of pastry dough. Each box will have 2 sheets. You can slightly roll the sheet with a pin and make about 9 squares per sheet. So 18 pieces per box, and 54 for 3 boxes, still you will have leftovers, which of course is good.
    2.Now for the baking part, with 2 big trays you can bake about 8 per tray, which would easy come to 2 batches. Bake @ 400 F for 20 to 25 minutes, this is more than enough to cook and puff up. Check after 15 minutes bcos sometimes depending on the tray the bottom portion may get browned easily.
    3.Make the stuffing in the morning and do the puffs, line them and cover lightly with plastic wrap and refrigerate. (Do not freeze). Evening around 5PM start the baking process, do in batches and when done, turn your oven to 200 F and store all you puffs in layers, till the guest arrives. This will keep them warm and crispy. Hope this helps.

    1. Visitor

      Thanks a ton Mullai.
      I’ll def. follow ur guidelines for making puff.
      I have few more queries to ask you.

      1) i’m planning to make masal vada too as one of the appetizers. kindly tell me when i can grind the vada batter and what time i can start frying vadas? b’coz the party is at 7:00pm.

      2)similarly tell me the time at which i can fry spring rolls too(ready made ones).

      3) can i bake all the puffs using 4 large trays?(i can save time)?

      Kindly answer my queries b’coz my preparation for sunday party depends solely on your answer.
      Thanks n advance.

      1. Mullai

        Who am I replying too? pls register.

        1. You fry the vadas around 6 PM. Make the dough ahead of time and refridgerate, but don't include the onion and salt until you are ready to fry. Onion and salt tend to release water and make the dough watery. But the problem with this vada is they don't stay crisp for long time.

        2. You can fry the rolls around same time, but these will be crisp if kept in oven like the puffs.

        3. I don't think all will fit in one batch. Don't waste your pastry by saving time. If you plan to call so many people you have to take the effort. No offense pls. The reason I'm suggesting for 2 batches is, some dough might not cook and ultimately will end up throwing all. Hope you get my point here.


  13. Visitor

    Hi Mullai! Kudos to you!!! This website is awesome. I have been a regular visitor to this site ever since I found it out. I tried this recipe yesterday and it turned out very great.My family enjoyed it very much. could someone help me with egg and veggie puffs filling recipe? Thanks

    1. Mullai

      Hello there,

       Thank you so much for visiting. Actually you can still follow the same recipe for a veggie filling by just ignoring chicken. Instead you can add extra veggies like green beans, peas and cabbage. If you prefer egg, hard boil the eggs, cut them into half, stuff each square with one half, cover them with little veggie filling and seal. Good luck.

  14. girijavijay

    hi mullai,

    i tried out the vegetarian puff. it was really husband and 2 yr.old daughter enjoyed it.thanks for the recipe.

  15. girlnextdoor

    Hello maam i m really interested in mkng these puffs.. Can u tell me where can i find these sheets?I tried searching in walmart frozen section but cudnt find them..

    1. ssujatha

      i dont know in which part of US u r.u can get these puff pastry sheets in GIANT or SHOPPERS.i bought it from GIANT.


  16. test123

    Hi Mullai,
    Just read your mail.The recipes that i have posted in this site are all my own recipes.There’s no source for any dishes.I would love to share more and more recipes in your site.


  17. rose fernandes

    dear mullai
    i tried out your puff recipe today and turned out very well …thanks a lot and all my family members enjoyed this recipe ..again thanks for sharing all these recipes.


      1. Visitor

        Hi Mullai,

        I’ve a party on sunday for 45 ppl in our house . i want to make Puff as one of the appetizers.
        Could u pls tell me at what time i need to bake the puffs so that it’ll be ready by 6:45pm.

        1) can i bake all the puffs at the same time?

        2) how can i know that all puffs are well baked?
        3) what time shall i start baking?
        kindly reply me as i can plan ahead based on ur reply.

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