Popsicle/Kuchi ice

Written by kaviarun


  1. Ponnarasi

    So colourful, Kavi….You made me nostalgic…nyabagam vaudhe nayabagam varudhe…As abhi said my parents would always say ‘no’ to roadside treats…but, those things attracts so much…Won’t they?

  2. manjupriya

    Hi Kavi,

    very tempting.. I want to make this weekend.. can you plz tell me where I can get this rose syrup?


  3. Sudharavi

    Hi kavitha,

    Very nice summer ice cream. I love this ice cream friend,I will try this definitely. Make one for me too ….plzzzz. Thank u for sharing and very nice presentation. Take care ,bye.One quick question “Is rose syrup and Rose water same or different”? .

    1. abhimuthu

      Rose syrup is different from Rose water.
      Rose water is plain water with mild flavour of the roses.
      Rose syrup is sugary syrup in dark rose color used ofr flavouring cakes,dessert etc
      Kavi correct me if I am wrong.

    2. kaviarun

      My dear friend Sudha, Sure will make for u…..abhi explained u about rose syrup….got it?

      Ur r absolutely correct abhi….

  4. abhimuthu

    Kuchi ice a marankkave mudiyaadhu.. Road la paal ice, cup ice, kuchi eeee nu ice man vithuttu povaanga.
    Even my mom refused to get this for me often due to contamination.
    All those days are golden, but now my kid loves this. I will try this and let you know. Thanks for sharing

  5. SumithaDinesh

    Kavi ennaku enn school gnabagam varuthu…Wen i was studying 6 th std appo entha Kuchi ice 60 paise. Romba nalla erruku kavi..I will try and let u know.. :-).Thumbnailla ulla foto romba nalla erruku

  6. Busy Bee

    Falluda nu SL la onu irukku,,, Rose milk la kasakasa pottu kudupanga… I love it.. Unga tumbler partha athu thaan gnabagam varuthu…. Enaku ippa rose milk venum :(:(:( Naan pani kudika mudiyathu bore!!!!!!!!

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