Potato Masala (Poori Kizhangu)

Written by Mullai

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  1. meerabiju

    Dear Mullai, your poori in poori masala looks too good .I was trying for this typical poori recipe as my husband always wants it in this way(Hotel Arya Nivas) very puffy & browned crispy.when I make it will soggy with oil or dry like pappadom.Can you please share this recipe.

  2. mercyusha


    Your recipes with presentation makes me to stand in kitchen all the time to try all the items. You are awesome! My hubby loved this poori masala.


  3. Manoo

    Is poori masala a bit watery. I have seen at few shops; thought they are selling such masala for profit only. Yet, few shops have the pirattal masala like the cutlet fillings. which one is the exact poori masala. Nice poori btw.

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