Nutella Truffles


If you haven’t tried a product called “Nutella”, you need to go out and get some today.  It’s s a little … rather say quite addictive. This creamy spread is made up of hazelnuts, cocoa, and skim milk which goes well on a toast usually but many times a spoonful goes straight from the jar to my mouth. There are quite a few recipes that you can try with…experiment with Nutella and see how you like using it.  I did bookmark this recipe from VEGETABLE PLATTER  sounded very easy with few ingredients which turned out to be  my inspiration for this recipe.

If you are looking for a great treat to share with your friends and family, the n look no further, try these!  Nutella Truffles would also be a crowd- pleaser for big parties,  few boxes of these make perfect gift for baby showers, birthdays or make it glamorous seasonal gift.

Nutella Bonbons / Nutella Graham truffles / Nutella Bars/ Nutella Biscuit Truffles / Bon Bons



1/2 jar Nutella Spread (about 4 to 5 tbsp)
1 cup Skinned Almonds (Try hazelnuts )
1 tbsp Unsalted butter
10-12 count Chocolate-chip biscuits (Try chocolate grahams/ Marie/ Digestive biscuits)
1 cup Cereal (Try Corn flakes/ Cheerios/ Rice crispies)
2 tsbp Cocoa powder



Pulse the skinned almonds and keep them aside.

Put nutella and butter in a microwave safe bowl and warm it up. I used about 30 seconds to get this consistency.

In a mixir jar, combine cereal, chocolate chip biscuits, 1/2 cup of the coarsely ground almonds. Again, pulse it to grind to a coarse texture and keep aside.


Now in a bowl combine the ground mixture with melted nutella and butter.


Keep working on it  until it thickens.

Using your fingers try to incorporate everything to make a thick dough.  Set up the assembly line for dusting and rolling.

Take a small portion and roll it in the shape of a ball and dust it with cocoa or you may roll it over the ground almonds.

Fancy, isn’t it?? Repeat the process to finish all the dough. Place them in those cute cup-cake paper cups and serve.


This is how it going to be with cocoa dusting.


Here’s my favorite with ground almond coating. Enjoy!!




Yields- 20 count

I have used Parle chocolate chip biscuits, you try plain Marie/ Any digestive biscuits/ Honey graham craker / Chocolate graham / Nila Wafers. Again with cereal you have choice , try with Multi-grain Cheerios/ Rice crispies / Toasted Corn flakes.You may also try the same recipe with crunchy Peanut butter too.


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