Nan Khatai


Nan Khatai is an Indian style short bread cookie made with clarified butter, flour and chopped nuts. They are similar to butter biscuits but with added flavouring agents.
½ cup Maida
¼ cup Sugar
¼ cup Ghee (cold)
¼ tsp Rawa (fine sooji)
1 pinch Baking soda
1 pinch Salt
5 nos Whole cashews
5 nos Pistachios


Coarsely powder the cashews and pistachios and keep aside. Take a wide bowl, cream sugar, ghee, baking soda and rawa. If using regular granulated sugar cream for more time or until the sugar melts half way making a white fluffy paste. Now add maida and powdered nuts little by little and form a stiff dough with absolutely no water. Cover the dough and set aside for 30 minutes.


Make small balls and press them flat and line them in lightly greased baking sheet. Bake them at 375 F for 15 minutes in the middle rack.

Sometimes baking time varies depending on the pan used so its better to check after the first 12 minutes. If the sides turn light brown and the top slightly golden then that’s the indication its done. Switch off and cool completely. They may be very soft when taken out of the oven, do not try to remove at this time, for sure it would crumble. Let it cool for 15 minutes and then transfer to a air-tight container.


Do not use melted ghee, we need cold and softened.

This recipe yields 12 biscuits. (2″ diameter)

Here in US, granulated sugar seems slightly small when compared Indian variety. If the granules are too big then they need to be powdered.

Try these moderation:

1. Add some saffron mixed in a tsp of warm milk to make it Kesar Nan Khatai.

2. Try with coarsely powdered almonds.

3. Add few drops of vanilla essence for flavour.

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35 comments to Nan Khatai

  • Sujatha

    I tried this recipe several times, and it came out well. I have a question. Can we make the same one in the microwave. Have you tried it? If so what’s the method?

  • bakya

    i made it mullai..tastes daughter liked it very much.she said,mummy pl make this cookie everyday.. :)

  • bakya

    thanks for ur reply..going to start now mullai.. im thinking of making this cookie without rawa.. i wil come up with the output later.. BTW enga padicheenga chennaila.. nan meenakshi college in kodambakkam.

  • bakya

    hi mullai..i wanted to make this cookie for my 4yr old daughter…i dont have fine rawa..but i have upma rawa and fine semolina..can i use any of these one.. waiting for ur reply..

    thanks bakya

  • Hi mullai i tried out your nankhatai. came out very well. have blogged about it and linked it back to your post. If you are a blogger pleae let me know your blog id, shall link it to that. Thnaks a ton for the recipe. You can see it here at

     thank you regards veena

  • sudha.dilip

    Hi Mullai, I just finished doing this and the taste is amazing.. thank u so much for the recipe Mullai.. This is my first baking experience and the taste is flawless… Just waiting for my husband to come and taste.. :-)

  • ushamari

    looks very gud. i am going to try today

  • Riya

    Hi Mullai,
    I want 2 try it with wheat flour,and by adding eggs…How many eggs should I add,are eggs a must if i try it out with wheat flour…looking for ur reply…
    Thx in advance…

  • Riya

    Hey Mullai,
    Didn’t receive any reply for the salted cookie receipe…Please i’m waiting for ur answer…
    Please let me know the ingredients….
    Thx in Advance…

  • Riya

    Hey mullai,
    I bought Salted Butter,So can i try this receipe with salted butter for salt cookies…Wat should b the ingredients?should i add sugar 2 it…Please let me know…
    Thx in advance..


    • Mullai

      Riya, this recipe is for sweet version and I don't have exact measure for salt cookies. Ofcourse salted butter can be used for cookies but the result will be funky, bcos with unsalted butter you have the control and can adjust depending on the proportion of flour. Whereas salted butter includes "salt" but how much and to what extent is unknown. Most of the cookie recipes include just a pinch of salt to bring out the sweet flavour and with use of salted butter, the content will be more. Its always better to use unsalted butter for baking. Hope this helps.


  • Riya

    Hey Mullai,

    Turned out amazingly good,

    Thx a ton….

  • Riya

    Thx Mullai….
    Will let u know the result tomo…

  • Riya

    Hi ,
    Can v use baking powder instead of baking soda???
    Please reply 2 this as soon a s possible…
    Thx in advance…

  • harnisriram

    Hi Mullai, Instead of ghee can we use butter??? If so how many sticks?

  • abigail

    Hey Mullai
    If we dont add cashew and pistachio will it taste like our very own indian butter biscuits which we get at tea stalls in India.
    It will be great if u help me with this .

  • jayanthi

    Hi Mullai…

    Thanks a ton for this wonderful recipe. The taste was wonderful and my 2 yr old daughter loved it… :-)
    One point though…the appearance of what I made was same as how u have shown in the photo…
    and I did let them cool off completely…but still, the cookies were little bit soft and were crumbling or breaking when i was trying to lift them and place them in another bowl or so…I had baked them for about 17 minutes and then turned golden brown too…but it is bit soft…any idea why it is like that?

    I used cold soft ghee only…

    • jayanthi

      Hi Mullai….One more thing I would like  to mention is that I used all purpose flour instead of Maida becos that is what I had at home and I was very eager to try this recipe…so dint want to wait until I buy Maida….Is the crumbling issue becos of this….?

      • Mullai

        Jayanthi, only if the dough is too soft, this happens. Dough needs to be soft but firm too. Before baking check on it and adjust with little maida. Sorry, I'm not really sure as to how it will turn with all-purpose, bcos I've not tried with it.

  • swathi

    nice recipe i will try this

  • Budding kitchen

    Hats off to u yaar… its amazing…will let u kno how it turned up for me

  • Sweety126

    Hello Mullai,

    I tried these cookies. They were very very delicious. But it had lots of cracks on it. Can you please let me know where did I go wrong? As mentioned, I had taken cold ghee itself. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Mullai

      Dough needs to be slightly soft and when you roll and press, make sure there are less cracks on the sides. This should help, better luck next time. Thanks.

  • deepthi

    Hi mullai,
    I was waiting for some one to share this recipe..I will try


  • Meera

    Hi Mullai ,

    this nankhatai recipe , sounds good.just want to try this.I was waiting for some one to share this recipe..will try and let everybody know..ymm


  • RamyaM

    Hai mullai,
    I started preparing this 2day.but the dough was not so stiff as shown in the picture.i dont know what went wrong.

    • Mullai


       Try adding little maida and fix it. Did you melt the ghee? that's the only possibility for it to turn too soft.

      • RamyaM

        Just then i prepared ghee from butter,but i allowed it to solidify.only after that i mixed it wth other stuff.

        Ur guess may be right mullai.Anyway taste was simply superb.but i didnt get the exact texture.anyways thanx for the suggestion.i'll try next time

  • Manoo

    Didnt know eggless cookies is this easy. I tried myself cookies without egg… Sema flop…. I burnt it… That I was a very little gal.

    Still we are not able to use the oven… Waiting for aunt – she is coming for x mas. Will bug her to bake it. This gas oven is so huge and has no temperature settings. Tried to google and find it. No use but…So need assist..

  • Ayesha Shahnaz

    Hi Mullai,

    What a wonderful presentation!!
    Looks so nice!!
    really looks like store bought ones!!I luv cookies!
    I’m going to try this and i’m definite it’ll be a great hit in our house!!
    Thanks for sharing such a wondful recipe!

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