Mutton Biryani

Written by kaviarun


  1. seema

    Hi kavi,

    this weekend i tried ur mutton biriyani recipe. My whole family just loved it like anything. I am so happy that they all had a good lunch. It tasted like restaurant style biriyani, tks for the wonderful recipe.

  2. priyakrish

    Hi Kavi….Today is the first time I made mutton biryani with Ur recipe… It came out very well… It tasted fabulous.. Would try ur other recipes too.. Keep posting..

    Thanks a lot!!

  3. Mehna

    Hello kavi, My mom made it y'tay. Wow! superb. It tastes better than restaurants. We all liked the biryani very much. Thanks for the excellent recipe. Keep positing.

  4. Mona

    Hi Kavi

    The first time I tried mutton briyani for Christmas. It was great, very nice. Thank you for the recipe. Will definitely cook it again.

  5. kaviarun

    Hi Mullai,

    The meat in the picture is goat meat. I live in Houston, TX and get it from Indo-Pak store on Hilcroft. Goat meat is easily available in Texas. In the upper midwest it may be difficult to get. I used to live in Minneapolis, MN and used get it from Patel Brothers. Also, some ranches sell full goat.


  6. Mullai

    Hi Kavi,
    Goat meat is quite difficult to get and would be happy to know where you actually got this. Is this goat meat or lamb? This would benefit members from the same location to have a reliable place to buy good goat meat.

  7. kaviarun

    Hi Manoo,
    Nice to here from u. I think this recipe won’t fail ur expectation. U know before marriage i don’t know difference between mutton & chicken. Because my appa is a vegetarian, so mom doesn’t cook meat. But she knows everything to cook. After marriage i’ve started to cook non-veg. But i like only fish. In biryani i like only mutton biryani(without meat). For biryani goat meat is tastes awesome. Try it and let me know. I collected some tips from famous cook Mallika and Dhamotharan for this recipe. Frying rice-Mallika and removing steam after 10 min.-Dhamotharan. Both are good tips. I feel happy to share this recipe in spice india online. Thanks. Merry chirstmas.

  8. Manoo

    Many were askin for mutton briyani…. even my aunt was lookin for it… i gave ur recipe… she is gonna make for us tmw… she asked me to say thanks to u…. but u know wat, i have never tried mutton briyani.. dont know why i hated only mutton even whn i was eating all meat… ur will be definitely good…so can hav without fear… :P:P:P

    I am makin aambur briyani today…. will post if it turns out good coz i have not tried it yet for more than an year…:):):)

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