Mushroom Manchurian

Written by S.Priya

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  1. thamakaonly

    We tried this at my native in Namakkal. Had very good taste of mushroom manchurian. Thanks a lot for posting this recipe.


  2. Ron

    Hi, Jst sat in boredom thinking of making sme nice evening snack..thankgod ur mushroom munchuruian..comes in handy…. I luv mushroom and this will be my all-time to try this out today..n will post my end result 2morrow!!! Thank u priya….for nice recipez……


  3. jlakshmi

    Hi Priya

    How are you finding time to post one so beautifully and dedicatedly every day.. Unga veetila thinam visheshamnu sollunga …

    I will try this one surely.

  4. Madhavi

    hi priya sudha,
    manchurian using mushroom. Really nice thought.
    shldnt we deep-fry mushroom?
    Daily oru recipe post pannanum ninachite thoongivingalo…
    anyway… all of your recipes are very good… gud contributions…..

    1. priyasudha

      Hi Madhavi..

      Thanks for ur comments..yeah we shouldnt deep fry mushroom..just fry them until they change their colour.


  5. priyasudha

    Try with yellow colour mushroom with a small top n long bottom..anga than neeraya mushrooms irrukume..i dunno wat the name of that mushroom but we cooked there once.

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