Mushroom Biryani

Written by ssujatha


  1. busymommy

    I tried this Biriyani, came out very well.. Had for lunch.Very simple method,but too delicious… Thank u so much for this wonderful recipe.

  2. RaniLatha


    Thanks for the wonderful recipe. The first time i tried it came out very well. We tried making Chicken Briyani with this recipe and it came out good. Thanks again.

  3. akil

    WONDERFUL RECIPE..i ate this biriyani in a marriage ..loved it…your recipe is matching the taste..Good Job….. Thanks Sujatha

  4. shun_sun

    Hi Sujatha,

    Every time we prepare mushroom biryani we keep coming to this receipe posted by you. We refer to the ingredients mentioned here all the time even though we know for sure. The taste has been really good!! and we get wow everytime from our friends.

    As always keep posting good receipes like this.

    Our support to you will always be there.


  5. raje

    Hi Sujatha,
    Mushroom biriyani turned out be be a great sucess. this is the first time I tried so good.i used patak’s biriyani curry paste(cilantro and cumin medium) instead of grinding the ingerdients was fabulous.
    thanks for the wonderful recipe.

  6. jasna

    Hi sujatha,

    I visited this website only 2day,tried out d mushroom briyani recipe u have posted and now am a member of the site..The recipe was so easy to cook but the outcome was a yummy spicy biryani..thanks a lot sujatha..keep posting recipes so dat i can bcome a good cook..

    1. ssujatha

      hey ramya,

           you can add ginger garlic paste,but fry them when you fry the onions so that the raw smell goes away…try and let me know the feedback..hope you will enjoy it….

  7. nila

    Hi Sujatha, I tried mushroom biriyani today and it came out very well..

    Thanks for the tasty recipe.. Expecting more such recipes.. 🙂

    Thank You..

  8. Nithya

    Hi Sujatha,
    yestrday I made this briyani for dinner… was simply superb…Thanks a lot…expecting a lot more mouth watering receipes from u….
    Thanks,Thanks a lot

    1. ssujatha

      hi ,

        No it is not necessary to fry them .Grind all the ingredients to a paste as such,since we r frying them in oil along with the onions.

  9. Nithya

    hi Sujatha,
    Sorry!! I was browsing all other Mullai’s receipes & i did not know how i jumped o’er to here ..I did not First of all notice the name on the first line…And secondly i did not really mean to offend anyone..I actually meant those methods turned out a crap for me…

  10. Nithya

    wow…Mullai..thanks a lot..i was waiting for this mushroom briyani receipe for a long time…i found many receipes in many sites..but it was all crap….thanks agin…i’ll try & mail u the outcome..

    1. Rohini

      It is rude to say that other sits have crap methods. No one would post any recipe without trying it. If you fail to get the taste its your fault not others. Please do not be rude to anyone. You can praise this site. Of course Ms.Mullai is doing great job. But it is wrong to discourage others and other sites. I hope even Ms.Mullai would agree with me.

    1. ssujatha

      hi mathavi,

               the one i have used is white or button mushroom.

      Selection and Care:  Select fresh mushrooms that are firm with a good light color, free of darkened blotches that are signs of bruising or deterioration.  When stored properly, mushrooms will remain fresh for 5 – 7 days.  Store prepackaged mushrooms in their original container in your refrigerator, but keep bulk mushrooms in a brown paper bag. The bag allows them to breathe so they will stay fresher longer.  Don't store mushrooms in a plastic bag! They won't be able to breathe and will deteriorate quickly.

      To clean mushrooms wipe with a damp cloth or quickly rinse in cool water.  Be careful not to soak them since mushroom's porous nature lets them absorb water easily.  The skins are soft and fresh mushrooms never need peeling.

      one more thing cut the mushrooms only when ur ready for cooking.


      Hope this helps you.

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