Methi Puri

Written by kraechel



    1)can fresh methi be used instead of kasoori methi.If yes, how it should be used.
    2) Can wheat flour be used ,if yes wheat flour and maida should be used in what proportion

  2. kaviarun

    Hi kraechel,
    Made this today with one cup flour. It came out well. In one cup flour i got 1 2 3 4…….only 26 puris. How 26 puris are enough? It vanished in a second. Very tasty snack.
    Some puris was soft inside. Do u know why? Give some tips to come crispy and wt dip can i use? Dahi or any sauce?
    Will try soon again. Thanks a lot. Keep posting.

    1. kraechel

      Hi Kavi… Glad to note that it came out well.. Thanks for ur feedback….I know the taste is very tempting….I understand when you say the puris were soft… I believe it should just be the matter of proper frying… you can alwyas put such puris back into hot oil and fry for a few seconds…. that will help..  Cheesy dips would be great…

      Let me know when you try again… Good luck…


    1. Manoo

      Hii Kraechel,

      Mam used to help me lot when i was new…  I am reducing her wrk load.. ha ha… Just kidding. If you click on the pic & check those icons below it; There is something called unlink. If you unlink it, then the recipe page will open even if u click on the pic. Btw, I have not had Methi Puri since i left india. should try during break :):):) Thanks for posting it. 

  3. Manoo

    Hi kraechel,
    when posting pic under instruction, pls select preview instead of thumbnail then you will get the bigger one. Again from those rich text you can click the pic and click centre to bring it in the middle. Welcome & Good Luck with your postings,,, Have a good day

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