Kheema Macaroni [Minced Meat Pasta]

Written by masseha


  1. sajitha

    Hi, what do we do after adding the water…..cook till the pasta is done or till the water is absorbed?? Just a bit confused please clear the last part. Also dont we have to cook the minced meat first?

  2. tarameenu

    Hi, How it becomes snacks variety? It may be  a sidedish. pls correct me if i am wrong.  Anyway pls upload pictures. In b/w ur noodles was really nice.. try to post lot of recipes.



    1. masseha

      Hi Tara, This can be used as a main course too, but in small quantities can be consumed as snacks any time of the day, and is usually easy to serve when we have guests at home.

      Thanks for your comments on the noodles recipe, try it out and let me know your feedback.


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