Kuzhi Paniyaram Recipe

Written by Mullai

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  1. lishia

    It looks really nice, I miss tasting Kuzhi Paniyaram. The first time I tried it I was at one of the hotels in Delhi, it was amazing and I've been trying to get a recipe then but nobody would gave to me. I am really glad i found it here.

  2. sandhya_b14

    Hi Mullai, thanks for the kara paniyaram receipe…. Can u please please post sweet/vellai paniyaram recipe please… If u tell what alteration should be made in this recipe itself to make it Sweet is also enough for me…

  3. gayu1981


    I love to make this paniyarams. But I have a question.I live in the US, in an apartment. My kitchen has that typical old style electric stove top (almost all apartments have only such stove) with the round coil cooking range. I have a traditional paniyaram pan-nonstick in India, I thought i wont be able to keep that on such stove top,(i had a problem with a dosa pan,it was not getting heated)so i left it there.

    So pls let me know if it is possible to cook on such a stove top, i will try to get mine thru’ my freinds who visit india soon:-)

    thanks so much in advance

  4. subhavignesh


    Iam new to this site n found it very useful . i dont know wat is pacha arsi, actually i got jasmine rice from cost co in big bag, so i have to use that for my cooking now. can u pls tel me if i can use this insted of pacha arsi?

  5. padhu

    hi Mullai thanks for all the recipes .I had tried some of the recipes.It turned out well.I would appreciate if u give me gobi 65 recipe.my childrens love to eat gobi 65.

  6. jlakshmi


    I made 6 recipes from SIO and this was one of them, added to my Ganesh Chathurthi recipe…Very good with coconut chutney.


  7. Manoo

    Again nice small cute man chattis… I really love them… we used to play with them whn we were kids. You know ryt kids cook mixed vege rice with those small man sattis…. I remember it.. ok iam talking like iam 30 35 yrs old… I think i should stop commenting… did lot today… sethu vaichu i wrote all today… exams over…… woooohoooooo

  8. Manoo

    We got mixie.. The wet one.. So thinking to make this… I saw kundu thosai satti (we call it kundu thosai) somewhere.. must check it out before chinese new yr… we are gonna have big time in two weeks…Thanks for posting it mam….

  9. Visitor

    Hi Mullai,

    Can u tell me the alternative for not having a paniyaram pan?
    Can i do the same in an idli pan?

    Pls do tell me whether we can get paniyaram pan here in US?

  10. ramyakalyankrishnan

    Hi Mullai Thanks for posting this recipe…The picture shown here is very very tempting..I shall try it out today…Thanks

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