Kollu kurma

Written by m.viji

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  1. m.viji

    Arthi, mentioned ingredients suit well with kollu (horse gram.) If suppose we try with other legume taste may differ defenietly. I think u can try with green bean (Moong dal) than red. Try it & let me know pa…

    Welcome kavi just now i saw ur comments.

  2. abhimuthu

    Viji, I bought lot of kollu from India and I make kollu masiyal, kollu chutney, kollu rasam, kollu podi often. Here in US we dont get kollu. Will definitely try you kurma. This is different from normal kollu recipes. Thnx for sharing.

  3. Mullai

    Viji, healthy one. Chinna doubt.. how long did it take to sprout horsegram?? It should by 3 days but yours look awesome with long sprouts.

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