Kolam – Confluence of Art, Culture, Mathematics & Humanity!


Written by Mullai

Modest, friendly and hardworking.  "Virgoans Rule"..


  1. Tara

    U girls will never change and you say u can’t do anything about it …I have been following your site since 2006 but I am extremely disappointed by your words …..it is people like you who flee away have made a vaccum here and the beauty here is diminishing. Sorry but that hurts really bad.

    1. Mullai

      What exactly is your point? What have you done from your side to fix it? Iam just writing my thoughts here and sorry if it’s hurting. Thank you for your feedback.

  2. Tara

    Dear Mullai,
    Nice to know your all ur praises about India ….but those days are so over ….even if u go in a elevator u feel terrified by dumb people trying to take away your happiness by looking at u weirdly please don’t praise anything here after coming in holidays when u live here u will understand even bending down to put kolam will attract hungry pests.

    1. Mullai

      Hello Tara,
      I have noticed that change during my recent travel to India.. but still these are unforgettable nostalgic memories from my childhood.. just sharing my thoughts and random ramblings… i truly can understand what you mean.. and unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do about it! Thank you so much for stopping by to let your feeling out in here!

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