Pudalangai Kootu Recipe

Written by Mullai

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  1. Gauri

    Nice, love your version. How we make it is, soak moong daal, make a paste of onion-ginger-garlic-tomato-corriander and give it in tadka. Add moong daal and then the snake gourd and cook. Am going to try your version for sure

    1. Mullai

      Oh, my mom makes something similar , we do add onion, ginger & garlic but the traditional method does not include them. Thanks though, your version also sounds yummy.

  2. srividhya

    Supernga.. Its been long since I had this. In my hubby’s family after coming back from Kasi they stopped eating this. So preparing this become rare. But its one of my favorite veggie. Lovely

  3. sabariswari


    I am first time trying a recipie from ur website. This pudulangai kootu was very tasty. I added few Kadala paruppu in it. Can we add half tomato also with this recipie? will it change its taste? Thanks

  4. manu

    Hi Mullai,

    Tried this today..Came out very well as far as the taste is concerned.

    I think i roasted the Moong dhall too much and also it was not smashed alongwith the vegetable even after boiling.Is this how the recipe expected to be or should I have left it for sometime on the stove?



    1. Mullai

      Manu, roasting moong is optional and usually while doing so.. there are chances for it to go slightly coarse as you mentioned when cooked over stove top. Pressure cooking should cook them thoroughly, roasting gives nice aroma but not necessary.. so ignore next time if you find it difficult. Thanks.

  5. FathimaS

    Hi, Tried this out last night and it came out simply superb. A very good side dish for oothappams too. Keep up the good work. Thanks Fathima

  6. Ramya Ashok

    gonna try ths 2day. but i’ve a very lengthy pudalangaai. i dnt know how much to cut off…to match wth the measurements of other ingredients…….pls lemme know………

  7. Vidhya Karthik

    MARCH TOWARDS EXCELLENCE ! Hey Mullai ur pudalangai kootu recipie seems to b yummy…will try it soon and will let u know!

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