Kale Kootu

Written by Mullai

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  1. Veena

    Hi Mullai,

    I tried this recipe today! came out really well.But I used collard greens instead of kale! It was a little bit softened but really awesome….I used collard greens as a substitute for our murungai keerai so far, it was really gud..from now on ll try with kale too !

    Veena !!

  2. ani

    Nice receipe ! Tried this & it worked out gr8 with my daughter.
    thanks.. (I made my daughter to eat murungai keerai in the same style just adding extra sambar powder to ur procedure.)

  3. srijay

    Interesting combination with Kadala paruppu. I learnt that greens should always be cooked in open vessel rather than pressure cooking. The presence of certain chemicals in some vegetables and greens reduces the absorption of essential nutrients in the body. When heated in the open, those chemical levels reduce. For many bean varieties, those chemical levels reduce by sprouting them. Thanks for the nice recipe.

  4. abhimuthu

    Mullai, Kale is a healthy green leafy veggie. So doing kootu will enhance its taste equivalent to our normal greens. Thnx for this idea

    1. Mullai

      Swathi, its not that bitter and quite tolerable. Only thing is, its little chewy… but even that, after pressure cooking becomes soft and tender. Try tasting it and you will agree with me.

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