Kadai Chicken

Written by Mullai

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  1. Visitor

    Hi Mullai,
    I am impressed with your recipes. I had always a question about chicken. Is there any tip to soften the chicken? Because everytime I make chicken it gets hard and rubbery and I end up taking the gravy alone and throwing away the chicken peices.

    Lot of people say that it is something to do with heat, water quantity and curd….. Please help

    Also, can you give me the recipe for prawns fry(really hot chettinad style)?


    1. Mullai

      Hello there,

      I normally use little lemon juice for marination, which tenderizes the meat. Sometimes it also depends on the dish,  gravy items require more water and dry fry doesn't. My quick tip would be to wash and marinate with little salt and lemon juice for at least 15 minutes. When reheating in the microwave try to sprinkle some water, if the dish is too dry and loosely close with a microwave safe lid. This will prevent it from getting rubbery. Regarding the prawn fry….. I already have a couple of  recipes posted, check it out, follow my chettinad chicken recipe and use prawns instead. I would really appreciate , if you could register and post all your comments. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Mullai

    Hello Uma Gandhi,
    Here is the recipe you requested, actually this item is…. kind of a dry item, but if you really need restaurant style gravy, just follow the same procedure and change quantity for the items mentioned below.
    Onions – 4 nos
    Tomatoes-3 nos
    Cashews-15 nos
    Water- 1 cup
    This might change the consistency to thick rich gravy, a little orange food color might add good colour to the gravy. BTW thanks for your feedback and keep visiting for more exciting recipes.

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