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  1. anilaalbert

    Hi priya, I tried your jangiri’s. It came out well except for the smell of urad dal in jangiri. How can i make it without the smell of urad dal. Thanks for this great recipe.

  2. Ramya Ashok

    Hi Priya,
    can we use the squeezing bottles for this..i tried the north india jangiri once wth maida…that comes very thin…not like our jilebi.urs luks awesome…tempting a lot…

      1. Ramya Ashok

        Hi Priya,gave a try strday…taste was awesome…got gud aplauses 4m my MIL.it comes very thin using squeezing bottle…so i tried with a cotton cloth.but after a while the hole size increases…any remedy for this…

        1. priyasudha

          Hi ramya, thanks for ur feedback, for the cotton cloth try to use thick cotton cloth like kaada thuni, hope this helps u..while squeezing thin cotton clothes may increase the hole size, so try with thick cotton cloth..

  3. ayesha1

    wow!! It’s so good!! neenga oru expert cookingla nu prove pannitenga!!
    thanks for the wonderful recipe!! I’m sure your husband will be loading you with loads of praises:)

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