Jalapeno Pepper Chicken

Written by ssujatha


  1. crownlak

    Hi sujatha, I tried your chili chicken. It came out very well. My husband is asking me to do it very often. Thanks for your recipe. Please post some other nice recipes. thanks

  2. crownlak

    Hi Sujatha,
    Is it not required to add any salt and chili powder to the marinate? I’m thinking of trying this recipe this weekend.


    1. ssujatha

      Hi crownlak,

             There is no need to add any salt or chili powder.since the masala has all of them.

              you can add 1/2 packet of masala for 1lb chicken.see to it that after adding the masala it should be redish in color and should have mixed well.U can check the pictures.

         waiting to hear how it turned out.

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