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  1. Reo

    Hi Mullai,
    The presentation is very good and I really appreciate that.I live in Australia(Melbourne) and I make my own yogurt.This is how I make my yogurt and may be useful to Logambiga who also lives in Australia.
    1. For starter yogurt, you can get Greek style yogurt in any super markets like Coles or Safeway.
    2.Take 3 tbsp of this yogurt in a small container and beat well.
    3.Boil 1 lt full cream milk in your stainless steel container over the stovetop and then switch off the stove.
    4.Allow the milk to cool down slightly.
    5.When it is not too hot, check the temperature with your clean little finger to feel the warmth(slightly higher than warm) needed for the milk to set.
    6.Mix the beaten yogurt in the same milk container and stir it well gently.
    7.Immediately ,cover the container with your kitchen towel,one on the lid and the other on the sides and place it on a wooden material like chopping board.Make sure that the vessel is covered well.
    I always boil milk around 7 P.M and the next day morning around 7 A.M my yogurt will be ready.

  2. shridevi

    the recipe was very good. infact i was searching for how to make yoghurt becos i found its uses are enormous. thank u once again.

  3. vidyuth

    is that possible to make yougurt using any of such hard cheeses found in the market (that has gray spots in it) which has the same living cultures to make yougurt….i seriously wanna make a try of this bcoz a cheff in UK TV prog said that it is possible….any suggestions…..?a bit scary to try…mullai have u tried this b4 if so plz help me…..

  4. Nithya Narayanan Vinod

    hi, nice explanation and welcome back.

    Here we make yoghurt with milk powder using culture..instead of boiling fresh milk, we make milk using milk powder and hot water and then we let it become warm, adhukkapram culture mix pannuvom, but one thing here in dubai climate is not a problem 🙂

  5. logambiga

    hi mullai,
    im residing at australia
    ive tried many times to prepare yogurt at home… but in vain… result is very bad..
    i dont have a microwave oven…
    could u suggest me whether i can prepare it in the oven…
    also i cant get the yogurt form the people here
    need u help…

    1. Mullai

      Logambika, ofcourse you can, all it needs is little warmth to work on. Heat up your empty oven (lowest setting possible), let it warm up for 10 minutes. Now switch off, see that its not too hot, bcos that will make it sour. We are looking for warm setting, something which you feel when you stand in front of the hot stove. Now place your milk container (do not use plastic) keeping a towel or dish holder underneath and close the oven. It should set after 10 hours. Hope this helps.

  6. sugeerish


    Iam a fan of your website… The most i like in this website is forum discussions.. what are all questions in my mind is discussed here… Good job all. Especially to u mullai, you are doing a great job.. ur way of presenting the english, way of presenting the recipes, pictures of recipes etc.,etc.,is very good.i don’t know to express more in words…keep it up..all the best

  7. ksailaja

    Good presentation.I would like to add one .
    Use Vitamin D milk for making curd.Its reaally tasty and as it is sumer if possible put the milk in sun shade instead of microwave.

    Have a great day


  8. abhimuthu

    You have explained yogurt making and beyond ;-)REally impressive explanation and I believe no one can make any mistake following your steps.
    I make the same way. My mom uses only one drop of culture to make yogurt in India, but as you said here we cannot do like that.
    So I use 1/4 tsp for 1/2 litre of milk. It sets in 8 hrs in microwave.
    Thansk for sharing your tips.

    1. Mullai

      Abhi, when you freeze yogurt it will become like thick ice , we mostly use stainless steel tiffin boxes (very small size… literally like Choppu or kunguma simizh size), freeze a couple of them. Then dump in air-tight box or ziplock bags, thermocole will be helpful too, tightly packed to ensure nothing leaks. Just place them between your regular check-in stuff. Mostly temperature inside the plane should keep them safe maintaining the chill level. Even after coming to room temperature its stays good for additional hours. Too much heat can make it sour, but in my case it survived. Unless you loose your baggage or come across any kind of delay.. it wouldn't be a problem. No harm in trying..if nothing works, then move on to plan B.

      Abhi's question: How to get frozen yogurt from India ???

      1. abhimuthu


        Thank you so much for answering my doubt. I always wanted to bring yogurt culture from India, but was afraid it will turn sour and did not try that option. Next time will try your option. 😉

  9. m.viji

    very nice explanation to make pakamalay ithu mullai thanthunu kandupidichidalam, sollidalam.. always u r rocking……..

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