HAKKA NOODLES RECIPE – Indo-Chinese Vegetable Hakka Noodles

Written by Mullai

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  1. sujata

    Hi Mullai: Just wanted you to know that I think you are one of the best chefs I have come across online. You make it so easy and uncomplicated and your final presentation wins us over! Its funny that you mentioned that you like Liu’s Chinese in Adyar ..that restaurant was my fathers childhood home. Brings a tear to my eye!

    1. Mullai

      That’s so sweetof you to say that! Awwww… good to know, i have been to Liu’s so many times… love that place, hope its still there… been a long time though! Thanks again for your kind words and good luck with all your endeavours!

  2. Kumar

    Gr8 Recipe..
    we also tried to innovate as suggested with Olive Oil & some variations..
    Our Vegetarian Version of Hakka Noodles turned out Gr8 🙂


  3. Anitha Ravindran

    hi mullai,

    Could u please tell what’s the alternate sauce for Worcestershire sauce. Still waiting for ur answer to make this noodles. Thanks

    1. Mullai

      Its just a combination of tamarind, garlic, chili, vinegar, soy, fish sauce and brown sugar. They all go together to make this sauce. There isn’t any exact substitute, you may add the above or just skip it. Doesn’t impact much. Thanks.

  4. Anitha Ravindran

    hi mullai,

    I am going to make this noodles but i didn’t find the Worcestershire sauce here instead of that what sauce can i use and how much?.
    Thanks in advance

  5. Priya

    Hi there,

    The site looks awesome and so does your recipes.
    I just have a friendly suggestion, hope you don’t mind. The printer friendly button just gives the explanation as to how to make and “ingredients” list does not come along.

  6. Cappuccino

    I tried this hakka noodles on saturday, it was awesome…Even i didn’t have cabbage instead i used lengthwise cut onions. It tasted perfect.

    I have a question: Your noodles looks like stiff and it looks perfect as a restaurant delight, but mine was little soft and normal. What’s the reason ma’am.

    Have a great day

  7. SathyaKumari

    Hi Mullai,

    Very gud recipe to go.
    I need to verify this term “Hakka”.I could’t find it in Indian store and Oriental mart.I got Chinese Rice vermicelli.Shall i do with that?? How does it come out??


  8. jlakshmi


    went and bought 2 Hakka Noodles Pack from indian store, not sure, if that needs to be crumbled little bit before adding in boiling water, anyway left it as it was in the packet.
    Made this yummy dish. Let’s see what my kids and hubby has to say for dinner. I tasted while cooking and was so…ooo good.


  9. jlakshmi


    I have tried your other Noodles with Veggies (Stir Fry), I will buy this Hakka one and surely try. My kids always love noodles and this one will surely meet the need with a new taste. As always hats off for a lovely presentation.


  10. divya mubarak

    mullai..i used to see hakka noodles in indian shop here..but now only i know tht we can make delicious dish like this….gr8…super…varthaye varala…thank u…

    1. Mullai

      Sauce can be found in most American Stores under International asile. Noodles I doubt, chinese stores should have them, but explaining it to the store owner would be a very hard task. Indian stores should have them, check the date. Thanks Kavi!

  11. kaviarun

    Mullai….comments illa enkitta irunthu….nera vote panniten…Yes Mullai i scratched….eppadi Mullai kandu pidicheenga? U R BRILLIANT….

    1. Mullai

      Radha, these are Chings brand Hakka noodles from Indian Stores. Please check the the manufacture date bcos they get stale soon. Any flat pasta with durum flour will match too.

  12. Arthi Selva


    Hi Mullai,
    Hakka noodles really looks different.. very nice description about hakka noodles…
    Seems intresting.. Really going to give a try..very nice recipe

  13. abhimuthu

    Your presentation and explanation superb!. I always had this doubt what does Hakka mean.. Veggies are cut perfectly thin and long. will try to cut like you..
    Thanks for sharing.

      1. rohini


         How do you cut these veggies so evenly do you use any cutter or just knife? Your tips are really appreciated.



        1. Mullai

          Rohini, I just use a knife to cut my veggies. Presentation also plays a small part in many recipes, little extra time and patience paves way for more intake.  With picky veggie eaters.. this trick will work well. They will always go for an extra scoop if its appealing and fancy.

          1. Busy Bee

            Thanks Mam… Yea mam, mom also follows the trick… But, when we found it we stopped eating them.. We are like the worst kids any mom would have when it comes for food…. Poor Amma….


            Busy Bee

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