Green Tomato( Tomatillo) chutney

Written by kaviarun


  1. Mullai

    Kavi, i tried ur chutney yesterday… romba nalla irunthu, tried it with Tamarind. Pulipa at the same time smacking hot with utappams. Thanks for introducing this veggie.

  2. S.Priya

    Tangy Tomatillo chutney looks superb kavi…fortunately u have mentioned can also prepare them with unripened green tomatoes..will go for search..crispy dosais makes me hungry…

  3. Mullai

    Kavi, i like your mexican style chutney. I have question though… these tomatillos are very tangy by nature, do we still need tamarind for this chutney??

    1. kaviarun

      Mullai, I like tangy & we r adding 5 chillies, so it will compensate….if u don't like tangy taste just omit…but without tamarind i felt something is missing (ya pulippu enakku kammiya theriyuthu).

      1. Mullai

        Seri kavi, i will try with puli and let u know. I usually ignore these as my local produce market is run by Mexicans and they always have these in big boxes. But from now onwards will surely stock up. Thanks.

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