1. Vijay Natesan


      Earlier Pandan leaves were available in all the grocery stores such as Food World (Gourmet) M.G. Road, Star 1 Mall, Nilgiris (Brigade Road) Godrej Natrue’s Basket , Namdhari’s etc. But the supplier lady has informed the stores that she will no longer be able to supply. Not sure of the reasons.

      But there is one shop in Russell’s Market (Shivaji Nagar) who is still selling Pandan Plant (the whole bunch). But the whole bunch (approx 250 – 300 leaves) was quoted at Rs 1500/- per bunch / plant. I want just two leaves or so.

      I am thinking of getting the Pandan plant and grow it in my apt garden itself.

      Not sure about online availability.

  1. adur

    dear all,

    pl let me know, what is oregano called in tamil, some say karpuravalli and some say omamam, because this oil is needed for urgent medical use. kindly let me know as soon as possible. thanks all in advance.

    1. Kaviyazhagan

      Karpooravalli is aka omavalli. But itz different from oregano. They belong to same family ‘lamiaceaea’ but different genus. Karpooravalli belongs to ‘plectranthus’ genus and oregano is of
      ‘Origanum’ genus.

  2. Roopa

    hello….is shahi jeera the same as black cumin seed??? ….i came acrss a recipie which requires “shahi jeera’ ,and when i googled i saw that it was black cumin…when i bought that it turned out bitter and ruined the whole dish …..help!!,,what exactly is shahi jeera????

    1. nafi

      shahi jeera is called black cummin, it is never used directly like other spices but used in making garam masala. and only a pinch of garam masala is added to enchance the flavour. check the recipes before using them. any recipe calling for shahi jeera is wrong.

  3. Tamanna Khandakar

    Pleae let me know what kind of spice is ‘patthar ka phool’& spice, kachuri powder? And also where can I find it. Thank u so much.

  4. cooking

    Awesome stuff you guys got here. I really like the theme of the website and how well you organized the content. It’s a marvelous job I will come back 🙂 and check you out sometime.

  5. kumar

    Hello friends,

    can anyone of you tell me where the manathakkali green (black night shade) available in UK?
    I live in Northern Ireland.

    If not available in UK, what is the way to bring few bundles of that green from india.

    I need it very urgently.


    1. Subrahmanya

      Asafoetida is Hing or Hingu or Ingu pronounced variously. the best form of hing is obtained from gulf countries (says Mr Sadananda Mayya of MTR fame), it is carminative in nature and gives a distinct flavour to the vegetarian preparations of South India

  6. Anonymous

    Hi Mullai
    I really love to try your recipees, I just want you to request to put the recippees of vegetables which we prepare on day to da basis, the recipees which are easy to follow and be tasty,
    Also one of my South indian friend used to prepare Tomato chutney which we were having with idlis and that was so Yummy, Even Sambhar was not needed when we used to eat that chutney with Idlis so if anyhow you know the recipee please let me know as my freind is now non contactable

      1. zaenmasterfu

        What you call a standard measuring cup is only a standard in the US (not really standard then is it). Everywhere else 1 cup = 1 metric cup = 250 ml, that is 1/4 of a litre.

  7. Sudha Shankar

    Hi, can anyone let me know the Hindi or English name of ara keerai – i’ve got to know that the leaves of this keerai is very good for health + hair too. Would be glad to know if this is available in Mumbai too.


  8. mail2thaslim@gmail.com

    Dear All, Can some one tell me the tamil names of the following… ground oregano ,ground sage, dried basil ,dried marjoram

    Thank you

  9. Sliphorn

    In the recipe for Vegetable Biryani the ingredients includes the following abbreviatios, what do they equate to ?
    1 cup
    2 nos
    4 stks

  10. balad

    Is the leaf of Senai Kizhangu edible? If so, what is its potassium content?

    Incidentally in one of the answers above to Anu, senai/karunai kzhangu is quoted. Please note that these are two differnt root crops. They are not one and the same.

  11. Mohamjip

    Hi. Does anybody know another name for ajinimoto? There is a recipe I want to try for Hakka noodles, which calls for this spice. It sounds Japanese to me, but the recipe is from an Indian site. If there is an English name for it, it would help a lot. Thanks.

    1. shantha kumar

      This is nothing but monosodium gluconate called as chinese salt.you will find it it any grocery shop for that matter.50 gms will cost you 1 dollor

  12. rgr126

    Hei Mullai, i didnt know exactly where to post this, and I feel a bit dumb for asking u this. But what is a nos? I live in norway and we dnt use that measurement here, but i know i have learned this at an earlier age.. but i cant remember it. I have tried to google it aswell, but i cant find it. Could u pls tell me what or how much a nos is?


    1. Mullai

      They are just the counts(quantity) , No -means number, Nos – means plural for number. For ex: 2 nos tomato, 1 no banana.. it means you need to use 2 medium tomatoes and 1 banana. Hope this helps.

  13. Ron

    Hi Mullai Akka,

    Ur capscicum rice wth chicken manchurian turned out to be success..:)(pinna erukadha neenga sonnadhu achae!!)
    Guest were really happy..Thanks a lot…
    I hav a doubt ..regarding greens..

    Is Mulla Keerai is same as Molai Keerai..My mom used to make that…wth lots of garlic….I luv that. plz tell me..


  14. shalinivenkatesh


    can someone please let me knw what is KOLLU called in hindi?
    i need to buy some in india.



  15. M. A. Malek

    Hi everybody! KUSKA : can anyone help me by giving english or botanical name for “kuska” (may be some type of daal or lentil)

  16. Visitor

    Hi everyone,

    Ramba Illai, is knwon as Rhempey in Singhala and in North India but more commonly known as Daun Pandan or Pandan Leaf in Malaysia,Philipines,Singapore and Indonesia, in Tamil it is known as Thaazhai or Kehtaki, in Hindi and sanskrit also it is known as Ketaki..commercially available throughout india as Ketaki Water, botanical name is Pandanus… its rarely bloomed flower used in Serpent Worhip buy Tamilians known as Thaalampoo.

    Bay leaf is not Rempei or ramba illay


    Pak Choi or Bak choi..there are number of varieties the one with yellow flower is known as Kadugu keerai in tamil it means Mustard Leaves.

    Scallion or Spring onion is knwon as Venkaaya Thaal (Tamil)
    Bean sprouts is known as Paithram Mu’lay (Tamil means green bean sprout)

    good luck

    1. Visitor

      Opps error!!

      it is kewra water not ketaki water

      (small scrub) Pandanus Amaryllifolius or screwpine leaf known as daun pandan or rempei is known as ketaki

      (taller scrub or tree) Pandanus fascicularis flower or yelowish fern used similarly like daun pandan gives aroma, is known Thalai (Tamil) Tale Hoovu(Kannadam) Kaitha (Malayalam) Kewra (Hindi)

      both falls under same Pandanus family

    2. Manoo

      Hiii Visitor,

      Thank you so much for your reply….I didnt get a part here. are you saying thaazhai is rambi…. or that should come in other para.. In tamil also we call it rambai (SL tamils). I am not sure about indian tamils…

      Thaazhai is different. We dont use it for food. Snakes stays in tat flower so no one keep it at home… May be ancestors were aware of it so said not to use for pooja. We dont use it for poojas too. If they said it got snakes, some would not be bothered to listen to them. That may be a reason for them to come up with a story of thaalam poo got cursed by Lord Siva for lying. 

      Btw, We call moong dal sprouts as mulai payaru or mulai vitta payaru…  Again its SL tamil. Its nice to know how ppl say in other countries.. Thank you so much again.. Have a good day :D:D:D

      1. Visitor

        Hi there,

        u r right Thalai is not Rambai but is Tamil lexicons it is also denoting both Thalampoo and Ramba as Thalai as both comes under same family and used in south east asia, Tamil and singhala cookings.
        Rambai is not originally Tamil word it is infact borrowed from Malay to singhala and it was introduced to sri lanka by the Malays who migrated to Sri Lankan from Polynesia (Malaya, Singapore..Indonesian Islands during the colonial times)..u may notice dodol, sambal…it is all malay dishes not authentic SL.

        Daun Rempai (Malay)>Rembei(singhala)>Rambai(tamil probably reminding the celestial dancer Ramba) but in authentic Tamil it is known as Ketaki and in Malayalam as Kaitha.

        Probably it is just a folklore/mythology.. that Thalai etracts snake, I never seen one…we have five trees near my house and have seen the flower and not the serpent. Yes! it is not used for siva pooja but used in the workhip of rest of all the hindu deities ..especially Devi/Uma/Sakthi. There is only one siva temple in India which uses thalampoo for siva pooja…it is in Tamilnadu..where siva forgive the flowers curse and excepted again for his pooja…if I am not mistaken it should be TiruUttaraKooshamangai near madurai.

        Pasi payir/paruppu, Paithram payir/paruppu, moong dhall, is all the same.
        Mu’lay means sprout.
        We also use: sundal kadalai, Mochai payir/kottai, Thathai Payir, Ulutham paruppu..soaked in barrel with plenty of water for approximate..2-3 nights in dark room and swirlling it inorder to remove the beans outer skin or the jackets.

  17. Visitor

    Hi Everyone,

    The basil (Ocimum Basilicum) mentioned in the above table, is not tulsi, which we commonly used in the mediterranean cuisines, often everyone make the same mistake, instead the English Basil or Holy Basil or Thai Basil in Tamil it is known as Tiruneetrupatchai or Vibhuthi Pathcai or Tirivagadam, in Kannadam it is known as Vibhuthipathiri. Indian Holy Basil(ocimum tenuiflorum)-Tulsi is not as same as the Western Holy Basi (Ocimum Sanctum) don’t confuse.

      1. Nandha

        probably you never seen what is thulasi and tiruneetrupatchai, that is your ignorant, not necessary whatever written in wikipedia is 100% credible, it is editable, I am born and brought with these plants, tulasi, thiruneetrupatchai (basil seeds which we use in sorbet), maruwu(majarom), marikolunthu(artemisia pallens),

        basil is thiruneetrupatchai and is not thulasi, but that is common mistake which the western botanist makes mistake as the Western Holy Basil is the same as Inidan Holy basil(thulasi- which don’t grows in western climate) but both belongs to the same family, if you need double confirmation then refer to a indian botanist, basil is the common for thulasi and vibhuthpatri but but we don’t use thulasi for culinary purpose apart from rasam, kaachaayam for medicine and for prayers purpose but vibhuthupatri/thiruneetrupatchai we use for extensively for cooking such as yogurt, bhaji..etc and widely in western cooking and its seeds used for pudding and sorbet, cocktails. Thulasi seeds or leaves aren’t used in cookings b’coz it has strong karpuura smell. Vibhupathri also used in pooja mainly in Vishnu, Siva and Skanda poojaas, mainly dring patchai ssathral festivals.

        I came from a typical orthodox hindu family from SriRangam, Tamilnadu and I grown up with these plants and for the past fifteen years I live in UK, therefore I am quiet prone with which is which about these plants. I can bet on my statements. Therefore before comment please double verify or clarify not solely blind folded.

        Even my village people who are non-academic will tell u the differences.

        If u r still not happy, clarify with an Indian Botanist.

        Even the Indian Priya pickle’s Gonkura pachadi, is not made of Hibiscus Cannabinus instead it is Hibiscus Sabdariffa.

        Hibiscus Cannabinus is jute tree not Gonkura
        Hibiscus Sabdariffa is Sorrel leaves (GONGKURA extensively grown in Guntur dist, and favorite of A.P)

        I am just try to correct the comment mistakes, not to brag myself

        1. Senthil

          Hi Nandha,

          Is Sorrel Leaves, Pulichai Keera in tamil. Lots of websites says Sorrel leaves is pulicha keerai, but when I look at the pictures, its no where close to pulicha keera. Its either dwarf or clustered, but pulicha keera I know of is a tall and long slender stem plant. Thanks.

  18. Nithya Narayanan Vinod

    hi mullai,

    Like this can u also put for all the paruppu vagaigal also in tamil, malayalam, hindi and english, that will be very useful.


  19. arjun khatri

    what is luffa amara i am giving you some tips it is type of ridge gourd and using in medicinal use and it is also calling in hindi nanua and kadavi turai

    1. Sowmya anil Pillai

      Kili men is called golden thread here in usa and is available in all chinese super markets.It is also called navara meen in some parts of kerala.

  20. blossom83


    Ramba ilai is called screw pine leaf otherwise called pandan leaf in Malay. I found that out only after coming here to Malaysia and watching AFC 🙂

    1. abi

      Hi rani,

          1.  paprica, bell pepper, capsicum are same. In tamil it is called as KUDAI MILAGAI. In european countries paprica refers to bell peppers.

         2. Paprica is a spice made from grinding of dried sweet red bell peppers.It is used for seasoning , gives additional flavours to the dishes. 4 more information check http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paprika. hope this helps u


      1. priyadharshinim

        what should we ask in the grocery stores to buy paprika.bcoz they don,t understand.what name should we use to buy it in the shops

  21. Nanda

    Dear All,

    Can anyone tell me wat is Tamil word – ” MOCHAKKAI ” called in English ?

    thanks for your help,

  22. Visitor

    English name or Botanical name for Telugu leaf veg – Chukkakura/Chukkakku pl? It is a kind of a sour leaf with a light serrated leaf structure. Thanks.

  23. Visitor

    What is the English name for Chironji seeds (hindi)/Charpappulu(Telugu) which we use for making gravy and also added in payasam? Thanks for your help.

    1. Mullai


      Its nothing but Amaranth. (Thandu Keerai) But to be on the safe side check with the store owner, bcos here in US, gongura leaves are sometimes called Red Sorrel and will look similar. Check my gongura recipe for the picture.

    1. Mullai

      If you were to mean Red Spinach (Red keerai / Amaranth in US) then its called Thandu Keerai in Tamil and Thotta kura in Telugu.


    1. Mullai

      Swarna, They are not the same. All purpose, is what they call it plain flour which comes in two types, bleached and unbleached. Only difference between them is bleached white flour (Maida) has got less vitamin E when compared to unbleached.  When it comes to Self-raising flour, it has baking powder and salt already mixed in it. So, use as per the recipe instruction.

        1. Mullai

          Swarna, as I told you, it depends on the recipe. Here in US plain flour usually refers to All-purpose and if thats what the recipe calls for, go ahead and proceed. Good luck.

    1. Mullai

      Anu, Its called Elephant Foot Yam. Karunai Kizhangu / Senai kizhangu in Tamil, Chena in Malayalam, Suran in Hindi / Marathi,  Karrapendalam in Telugu.

    1. Sierra Bravo

      Kudampuli (the fish-curry tamrind)

      ‘Kudampuli’ has no direct translation in Hindi or in English. The botanical name is Garcinia cambodge (the latter part means ‘Camboja’, which means ‘Cambodia’, although the Western Ghats seem to be one of the original habits of the cultivar).

      Kokum is actually Garcinia indica, a slightly different species.

  24. mohd

    respected sir

    As please kind me give your important suggestion about .throught which vegetables we get more calcium.

    i want to know some information from you .so please i want to know translation of amarnath in urdu language .sir what we call amarnath in urdu .and one more imporatant information .
    sir i want to know where we get seasam seed .from which shop we have to purchase that.
    sir please kindly do email on my ID i.e., mujju_550@yahoo.com

    Thanking you

    1. Mathavi

      For my knowledge milk and sprat fish have calcium. Vegetables have minerals and vitamins. You can buy sesame is available in all Indian shops. There is no sir here only madam. Mullai madam

    2. Visitor

      Seeweed, samphire aka sea asparagus, brocolli, soya, tofu (soya bean curd or soya panner), tempeh (fermented coarse soya curd), green leafy vegetables(siru Keerai/leaf, Peru K, Kuppai K, Pasalai K, Pannai K, venthaya K, Pachai kova K, Ponnangkani K, Karisilangkanni K, Manathakkali K, Thandu K, Tavasimuligai K, agathi K, Murungai K, kadugu K, Vallarai K, mudakathan K, Thothuvalai K, Perandhai ), okra/vendhaikai/bhindi/lady’s finger, sesame, almond are rich in calcium and other minerals.

      Perandhai normally being used during anthiyasti/sraartham/tvasam…aparakaryam.. use to make a paste chutney/tuvayal/tugayal with the grinding stone just after been fried with the common thalikai/thaalipu

      if u r vegetarian try add milk, yogurt, cheese, butter..dairy products in ur diet to compensate the calcium requirments, if u r vegan or allergic to dairy then use the soya diaries.
      good luck

    1. Lucky21

      Hello hemeetha

      Chukku = Ground ginger .

       if you go to any local grocery store in USA, look into the baking aisle, McCormick ground ginger in an 0.8 oz size. it smells good & is almost equal to our Chukku.

      I use it often in both our cuisine & in some cookies too.

      hope this helps.


    1. Shanthi

      Dear Yash,

      Sodium benzoate is a chemical compound. It is a preservative mainly used for pickles, squash, and other fruit preserved items. You can get in any big stores. It isnt called by a different name in Hindi or any other language. It is called just sodium benzoate.

  25. crownlak

    What is shahjeera called in english? Is it caraway seeds or black jeera. When I checked in Indian stores black jeera is called shahjeera and caraway seeds are different. But on net I found it other way round. So please tell me which one is correct


    1. Mullai


      I don't see that as a problem, spring onion/ green onions are available in all supermarkets , oriental stores and even in some Indian stores too. So try checking some more local farm markets or grocery supermarket chains. If you are very particular about taste, do not use white onions. Regarding colour, though its an option, avoiding it will make the dish look very dull. Its your choice.

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