Garlic Chutney – Poondu Chutney – Spicy Garlic Chutney

Garlic Chutney

Written by Mullai

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  1. Monica1811

    Hi Mullai,

    I recently came across your website & fell in love with all your recipes.I thought of trying this reciepe since Im expecting & would like to eat something tangy at the sametime foods that contain garlic since it helps my indigestion during this period.Thank you very much for this lovely recipe.It took less than 10 mins to prepare & Im able to store it & use also !!

  2. jayanthi

    Tried this chutney using roma tomatoes..But the colour of mine turned out to be in Orange and not as attractive as yours. Moreover, the taste was hot , I mean that yerippu kind of flavour. Wondering what went wrong coz I just followed your method only…

    1. Mullai

      Jayanthi, this recipe may look easy but preparation takes patience. This chutney as such is very strong with garlicky smell and result depends on the quality of ingredients used.

      1. Select good quality ripe vine tomatoes, cherry or grape.

      2. If you burn the garlic and red chilies while frying it could taste bitter or yerippu or burned smell will come.

      3. Quality of tamarind also plays a part, store bought paste doesn't go well.

      4. Do it over low flame to avoid too much burning.

  3. anup

    hi mullai,
    i tried this was little garlic raw smell.i used tamarind paste and reg medium tomatoes.
    i turned off after oil seperated.i don’t know what is the wrong with that i will try it one more time too.

    1. Mullai

      May be the garlic is too big, try using small garlic cloves and ofcourse garlic chutney might smell little garlicky…..just kidding. Try sauteing garlic before grinding, that will help to get rid of the smell. Thanks.

    2. Manoo

      Grand ma sometimes dry roast garlic in a thava or slightly fry in ghee or gingelly oil. So we wont feel the garlic smell. She uses raw garlic also but adds a table spoon of gingelly oil when cooking it. Adding some grated coconut with garlic & adding some fried curry leaves to the chutney also reduce the strong garlic smell but the taste may differs:)

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