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Freezer Friendly

Written by Mullai

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  1. Rekha

    I am searching for freezer friendly food and came to your site. I am planning to prepare some stuff for my husband as I am leaving to India on long vacation . This is very helpful to me . Could you please let me know how many days we can freeze the food on an average?
    like chapathi, paratha and home made spices?

    1. Mullai

      Hello Rekha,
      Freezer foods should last for few months, I wouldn’t recommend too long. These are just plain home cooked food with no preservatives and its advisable to finish in 2- 3 months. Freeze them in small individual portions that way you don’t have leftovers and finish once they are thawed. Thanks dear and have a fun vacation!

  2. EP

    Hi ,

    I am starting to freeze stuff and wanted to know if we can freeze potato cauliflower sabzi(not gravy) dry without frying.

    Also what all veggies freeze well; cabbage, capsicum etc.

    1. Mullai

      Hi Ep, freezing actually works well with most vegetables. I didnt quite get you whether you were asking for raw vegetables or stir fried. If freezing raw vegetable…you may blanch them first, dry them in a kitchen towel to drain all the water and then fill in ziploc bags and freeze. make sure you squeeze all the air out from the zip loc bag and then freeze it. (This method will keep the veggies color and taste intact for few months) Freezing without blanching, veggies tend to loose color, to some extent the taste goes off and also good for few weeks. Most fo the dry curries freeze well, they do release some water content when thawed but you may have to saute for sometime over the pan. I suggest you partially cook and then freeze, that way when they come out of the freezer you can finish them perfectly by cooking for some more time on the tawa. Hope this helps and write to me if you have any questions. Thanks!

  3. kothai

    Hi Mullai. Your recipes and ideas are very good. Tried a few and they came out excellent. I was wondering if you could post some slow-cooker indian recipes. I was unable to find good ones on the internet. Thank you!

  4. Laxmi


    this was very helpful!
    I would like your suggestion as I am planning on making green bean poriyal for about 30-35 people- I am just planning to add coconut when I warm up the beans for the gathering.
    The gathering is in 1 month so please let me know if this method will work

    many thanks!

    1. Mullai

      Ofcourse you can freeze poriyals but its for our own convenience something like a temporary arrangement. Frozen foods has its own downfalls too right?? definitely its not going to taste as good as fresh beans. When you prepare for a big crowd or gathering it is advisable to prepare fresh. All you have do is saute the onion and garlic and throw in a big pack of frozen cut beans and garnish with coconut. This will only take about 10-15 minutes and you can make this a day ahead, refrigerate and reheat in the microwave. My 2 cents! Thanks.

  5. nitin

    Can anyone suggest if we can freeze milk based mithai like barfi,ladu in the long can we freeze? if anyone has tried it ,please share experience.

  6. Suba

    Generally when i store any food item in a ziploc cover.. i feel a plastic kinda smell when i reheat.. sometimes the odour is so strong that i better throw them away.. can u suggest something on this? why this happens?

  7. Anandhi

    Hi Mullai

    Could you please let me know the recipe of making biriyani mix. I love biriyani and I wanted to freeze the masala for regular use.

  8. Saipriya

    Thanks for these ideas! I will definitely try this out this week. What I usually do is make a paste of raw onion and raw tomato and store it in separate containers in the freezer and use this as a base for several north Indian curries/gravies. Stays good upto 4-5 days

  9. Vaishnavi

    Gr8 ideas…excellnet writing, awesome pics and overall it’s a real treat…Mullai Ma’am, I’m a strict vegetarian but I sneak into your non veg recipes to take a look at ur pics and ur writing style….u rock…


    Simply suberb!!!!! comes handy especially on extremely busy days and when unexpected guests arrive for a meal. what can I say mullai….you are a very organised spouse I must say..your hubby is really blessed to have u for a wife. ur blog is my inspiration. wanna be as good as you in managing my kitchen and home and my hubby will be pleased. God bless you for sharing and inspiring through your work. hope all your readers realise that it takes a lot of effort to put up such a wonderful, genuine and original recipes blog.

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