1. Kannan Kandasamy

        Any info on Yellow Snapper or Lane Snapper in tamil? I know that red snapper is “Sankara meen”

        This site is very helpful for understanding tamil fish names. Thanks

      2. Mamtha

        whats the name for Saithe fish (English name) in tamil
        i live in Germany, we have this fish called Seelachs(Saithe)
        not sure whats its tamil name
        i know very very less fish from our place we get here
        coz of the cold climate

  1. Rajesh S

    Sankara is sun bream , not Red Snapper.
    We do not have Salmon in tropical waters. its an import
    Vajram is spanish king mackeral
    Vavaal is black/white pomfret
    Viraal is catfish or a type of snakehead murrel

    Thank you.

  2. Sarah

    I need some help in translating names of fishes from Tamil to English.
    I’m not sure of the spelling given here. Please do help me!

    1. VicSam

      Kavalai, also called Chala meen in the southern districts is sardines. This variety of sardines are different from “Mathi”… it has a more angular head than the curved head of the Mathi. Very tasty and rich in Omega3. Enjoy.

    2. mani

      Modhagandai, Kaavalai, mathi are all family of sardines. Whereas Mathi is high in Omega 3 compared to other two.

      Kaavalai meen is best for curry and other two are good for fry.

  3. Dxb

    What is the mutty (முட்டி) fish called as in english?? It’s good for feeding moms and increases secretion… It’s a marine fish… Please help me with the name in English….Thanks…

  4. Cresent

    Salmon looks almost like vajiram/neimeen in shape but having yellowish anterior portion. I don’t think it is available in Chennai or anywhere else in India but abundantly available in US.

    1. parama

      sword fish name is mayil meen, A meen
      salmon is haven’t in bay of bangal
      NOTE: I am a proffosinal fisherman in tamil nadu
      thank u…

  5. latest warez

    Nice post. I waas checking constantly this blog
    and I’m impressed! Extremely helpful information particulasrly the closing phase 🙂 I hwndle such information much.
    I was seeking this particular information for a long time.

    Thank youu and good luck.

      1. anand

        usually Nei meen is a fresh water fish, whose full name is nei keluthi. tilapia should be its equavalent english name. I really hate this fish.. hard skin / hard flesh and its pathetic habitat..

        There is an other sea fish to be called nei meen. but its not called vanjiram… vanjiram is a popular fish in India. and all fish eater can identify and call it vanjiram.. not as nei meen..

    1. Manimaran Dinesh Kumar

      Sheela is nothing but Barracuda in English. Also, Salmon is a Freshwater fish whereas Sheela/Barracuda is a Marine fish.

  6. Sridhar

    Indian salmon is known as KAALAA in tamil… you could find it easily in the markets.. but it costs around 500 INR… very tasty fish… surely it will worth for your money….

  7. shiva

    I need the english name for the follwoing fishe names which is in tamil…

    Kendai ——
    Nagarai ——
    Vaelai meen ——
    Oola ——-
    Vaela kelangi ——

    Thank u…..

  8. Jayashree

    Can anyone tell me they call in Bengal – the Illish or Ilisa fish in tamil and english. Bengalis relish this fish very much. Do we get this fish here in Tamilnadu?

    1. Nanda

      Hiilsa or ilish is mainly found in Ganga river in West Bengal and its tributary Padma river in Bangladesh .difficult to farm and get the best taste only when catch them wild on struggling against water current. Very seasonal and the price may touch Rs 2000 per kilo. We don’t get that anywhere in the globe however , there are some hybrid variety tastes 60 % similar but not the same one. Best season July to September .

  9. PS

    Im not sure why lot of people have written salmon fish is not available in india. IN bangalore its very much available and they call it Indian Salmon with current rate of 549 per kg. It tastes good, but when i tried in TN it is not available..

  10. Mythili


    Salmon is mavilasi in Tamil , as someone pointed out it is ver rare to catch in Indian waters. It belongs to the vanjiram – king fish family


  11. J. Shunmugam

    I need the list of all fishes inEnglish and its equivalent in Tamil along with its photo which may be kindly mailed to my mail id: jshun.kolanji@gmailcom

  12. Raghavan

    Salmon is Kaala/Kala/ Thiravalai in Tamil.
    soulsdelight.blogspot.in will give you fish pictures & names in many languages,especally south Indian languages.

  13. abi

    great job! congrats for the entire team.

    Can u guys help me, i juz want to know common name of bred gilt head
    sea bream (Sparus aurata)in Tamil

  14. Ruban

    No Tamil name Tamil pronounciation English name Scientific name Remarks
    1 அகலை Ailai, Augalai Indian Mackerel Rastralliger Kanagurta
    2 அயிரை, அசரை, ஐரை Ayirai, Acarai, Acalai Mackerel Cobitis thermalis
    3 அம்பட்டன்வாளை, சொட்டைவாளை Barber’s Knife Notopterus Kapirat
    4 அம்புட்டன் வாழ Chitala Chitala
    5 அரிறால் Lamprey
    6 அவிலி, அவீலீ Liza
    7 அறக்குளா, வஞ்சிரம் Arakkula, Vanchiram Seer, King fish, King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel Cybium guttatum, Cybium interruptum
    8 ஆற்றுறால் Cray fish
    9 இழுது மீன் Jelly Fish
    10 இறால் வகைகள் Eral, Iraal Prawn, Shrimp
    11 இறால், எரா Eral, Iraal Prawn – Indian white shrimp Penaeus indicus
    12 இறால், எரா – வரி இறால் Eral, Iraal Prawn – Tiger prawn Penaeus monodon
    13 இறால், எரா – பச்சை வரி இறால் Eral, Iraal Prawn – Green tiger shrimp Penaeus semisulcatus
    14 இறால், எரா – கூனி றால் Eral – Kooni eraal Scampi
    15 இறால், எரா – நன்னீர் இறால் Eral, Iraal Fresh water prawn
    16 இறால், எரா Eral – Kal eral Jinga Prawn
    17 இறால், எரா – கதம்ப இறால் kuruma shrimp
    18 இறால், எரா – கருவண்டு இறால் giant tiger prawn
    19 இறால், எரா – கல்லிறால் king prawn
    20 இறால், எரா – வெள்ளை இறால் white shrimp
    21 இறால், எரா – வண்டிறால் marine shrimp
    22 இறால், எரா – வரியிறால் flower shrimp
    23 இறால், எரா – பூவாலன் இறால் flower-tail shrimp, pink shrimp
    24 இறால், எரா – சென்னா கூனி, சென்னாக்குனி, சென்னக்கூனி, கூனியிறால் Channa Kooni, Cennakkuni, Kuniyiral Paste Shrimp, Baby shrimp Crangon vulgaris
    25 ஓரா, ஓட்டி Oora, Oddi Sea Bream
    26 கயல் Kayal Mullet – Grey (Grey Mullet)
    27 கருந்திரளி sheepshead
    28 கருமுறைச்செல்வி
    29 கலவாய் Kalavai Grouper, Reef cod
    30 கவளை, சாலை மீன்
    31 கனவாய், கணவாய் Kanavai, Kanawai Squid, Cuttle fish
    32 கணவாய் – ஒட்டுக் கணவாய் cuttle fish
    33 கணவாய் – ஊசி கணவாய் Oosi Kanavai Squid
    34 கணவாய் – பேய்க்கணவாய் octopus
    35 காரப்பொடி Kāra-p-poṭi Striped ponyfish Equula fasciata
    36 காரல், களிகாரல், காரைபொடி, கூட்டுக் காரை, சுதுப்புனம் காரை, நாமாகாரல் Kaaral podi, kaarai Pony fish, Tooth pony
    37 கானங்கெளுத்தி Kanangeluthi, Kanangkelluthi, Eyela, Illa Mackerell, Indian Mackerel Rastrilliger kanagurta
    38 கிளாத்தி, கிழாத்தி triggerfish Triacanthus Strigilifer
    39 கிளி முக்கு மீன் Kili mooku, Kizhi Meen Parrot Fish
    40 கீச்சான் Tigerfish Terapon Jarbua
    41 கீரி மீன் round sardine
    42 குதிப்பு, சுதும்பு Sudumbu False trevally Lactarius spp. வட தமிழகத்தில் சுதும்பு என வழங்கப்படுகிறது.
    43 கும்ளா Kumla Mackerel
    44 கெண்டை – கட்லாகெண்டை, கங்கைக் கெண்டை, கங்கைக் கெண்டை Catla, Katla, Theppumeen Indian Major Carps Gibelion catla இந்தியப் பெருங்கெண்டை இன மீன்களில் ஒன்று.
    45 கெண்டை – ரோகு, லோகு, கண்ணாடி கென்டை Rohu, Kannadi kendai Indian Major Carps Labeo rohita This is considered as the tastiest of Carps.
    46 கெண்டை – மிர்கால் Mrigal Indian Major Carps Cirrhinus cirrhosus
    47 கெண்டை – வெள்ளிக்கெண்டை Hypophthalmichthys molitrix
    48 கெண்டை – சாதா கெண்டை kendai – satha Common carp (Chinese Carps)
    49 கெண்டை – சிலேபி கெண்டை, திலாப்பியா, கரி, நெய் மீன் Jilabi-kendai, Kari, Neyi, Neyyi Tilapia Introduced from East Coast of Africa. This is a good edible fish, e.g : Oreochromis mossambicus
    50 கெண்டை – புல் கெண்டை, புல்லுக் கெண்டை Kendai – Pul kendai Grass carp (Chinese Carps) Ctenopharyngodon idella
    51 கெண்டை – வெள்ளிக் கெண்டை Kendai – Velli kendai Silver carp (Chinese Carps)
    52 கெண்டை – கோலாக்கெண்டை grease carp, reba carp
    53 கெண்டை – வெண்கெண்டை white carp
    54 கெண்டை – துள்ளுக்கெண்டை fin bream fish
    55 கெண்டை – தொப்பை, யமனேறிக் கெண்டை, கூராக் கெண்டை catla
    56 கெண்டை – பளிஞ்சா, செத்தைக் கெண்டை pearl spot, green chromide
    57 கெண்டை – பனையேறிக் கெண்டை, சென்னல் climbing perch
    58 கெண்டை – பால் கெண்டை milk fish
    59 கெண்டை – மடவைக் கெண்டை blue spot mullet
    60 கெலங்கா, கலிங்கா, கிளாக்கன், கிளங்கான், கிழக்கன், கீழக்கான், கெளங்கான், கெழங்கான், கிழங்கான் Kilanga, Culingah, Kelakkan, Kellakan, Kelangan, Kilaken, Kilangan, Kilakkan, Kilachi Smelt, Whiting, Indian Whiting, Japanese sillago, Silver sillago
    61 கெழுத்தி, கெளுத்தி Kelluthi, Keluthi, Keliru Cat fish, Marine cat fish These are air breathing fishes and can be transported in fresh condition over long distances.
    62 கெழுறு Keluru, Keliru, Mandai Kaleru Cat fish
    63 கொடுவா, கொடுவாய் Koduva, Koduvai Sea bass, Giant Sea Perch (called as barramundi in Australia)
    64 கொண்டல் ? Kondal, Aathal Snapper
    65 கொண்டை Salmon, Indian Threadfin
    66 கொய் Koi, Nunalai Herring, Five Spot Herring
    67 கோரோவா Blotched Croaker Nibea Maculata
    68 கோலா Kola Saw Fish, Coromandel Flying Fish Hirundichthys Coromandelensis
    69 சங்கரா, செவ்விளை Sankara, Sankaraa Red Snapper, Red Bream Synagris japonicus
    70 சாம்பல் மீன் Grey mullet
    71 சாளை Chalai, Chaalai, Mathi Chaalai Sardine, Sardine Round
    72 சிங்கி இறால், சிங்கி றால் Singi Raal Lobster
    73 சிங்கி இறால் – செஞ்சேரா Spiny lobster
    74 சிங்கி இறால் – நளிர், களிறால் Lobster
    75 சிங்கி இறால் – சிங்கிறால், ஈர்க்கிறால், மடக்கிறால் lobster
    76 சிப்பி Kallikkai, Chippi Oyster, Clam
    77 சிப்பி – கிளிஞ்சில், கடற்சிப்பி bivalve
    78 சிப்பி – முத்துச்சிப்பி pearl oyster
    79 சீப்பு திரட்டை Seepu Thiratai Spade Fish
    80 சீலா, திரியன், ஊளி Seela, Sheela, Cheela Barracuda
    81 சீலா Ooli Great Barracuda
    82 சுறா Sura Shark
    83 சுறா Murden Sura Shark River
    84 சுறா – பால் சுறா Baby Shark
    85 சுறா – கட்டைச் சுறா, பெருந்தலைச் சுறா, கருமுடிச் சுறா black shark
    86 சுறா – கோர சுறா Broadfin Shark Lamiopsis Temminckii
    87 சுறா – குண்டன் சுறா black tip shark, grey shark,
    88 சுறா – குமரிச் சுறா zebra shark
    89 சுறா – கொம்பன்சுறா Komban Sura hammerhead shark
    90 சுறா – பால் சுறா milk shark, grey dog shark,
    91 சுறா – பிள்ளைச் சுறா spade nose shark
    92 சுறா – புலிச்சுறா, வள்ளுவன் சுறா tiger shark
    93 சுறா – வழுக்குச்சுறா yellow dog shark
    94 சூடை Choodai, Sudai Sprat, Indian sardine, Short-body sardine
    95 சூரை Soorai, Choorai Little Tunny, Tuna
    96 சூரை – நீலத் துடுப்புச் சூரை Blue fin tuna
    97 சூரை – கீரை மீன் Keerai, Kerai Yellow Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna
    98 சூரை – எலிச்சூரை frigate tuna
    99 செம்மீன் Chemmeen Red Squirrel Fish
    100 டொல்பின் Dolphin பாலூட்டி. மீன் வகையல்ல
    101 தலப்பத்து, தளபொத்து Thalapaththu, Myil Meen Sword Fish
    102 திமிங்கலம் Whale பாலூட்டி. மீன் வகையல்ல
    103 திருக்கை வகைகள் skates and rays
    104 திருக்கை Thirukkai, Therachi Whip tail sting ray
    105 திருக்கை Attuvalan Tirukkai Ray
    106 திருக்கை – குருவித் திருக்கை, வெளவால் திருக்கை spotted eagle ray
    107 திருக்கை – கொம்புத் திருக்கை, கொடுவாத் திருக்கை giant devil ray
    108 திருக்கை – சீமான் திருக்கை, சவுக்குத் திருக்கை Bleeker’s whipray, white tail sting ray
    109 திருக்கை – சுருள் திருக்கை Javanese cownose ray
    110 தீரா மீன் Thera (variety of parai) Leather Skin
    111 நண்டு Nandu Crab
    112 நண்டு – சிலுவை நண்டு Christ shell crab
    113 நண்டு – பச்சை நண்டு, கழி நண்டு mud crab
    114 நண்டு – புள்ளி நண்டு blue swimming crab
    115 நண்டு – முக்கண் நண்டு three spotted swimming crab
    116 நண்டு – முனிவன் நண்டு hermit crab
    117 நாவர மீன் Goldbond Gold Fish
    118 நெத்திலி, நெய்த்தோலி Nethili, Neththali, Nithili Anchovy, White Bait, Anchovies, Stolephorus indicus
    119 பளயா
    120 பன்னா Panna, Kalava Cod
    121 பாரை Parai, Paarai Indian Threadfin Trevally, Malabar trevally, Jack, Horse mackerel
    122 பாரை – ஊசிப்பாரை dusky trevally, big eye trevally,
    123 பாரை – கட்டாப் பாரை, தோல்பாரை, தேரா leather skin fish, leather jacket fish, queenfish
    124 பாரை – கூனிப்பாரை cleftbelly trevally
    125 பாரை – தோல் பாரை Malabar trevally
    126 பாரை – மஞ்சள் கிள்ளுப் பாரை giant trevally, yellowfin trevally,
    127 பாரை – வெங்கடைப் பாரை horse mackerel
    128 பொதா, போத்தா Potha Halibut – Indian
    129 மணலை Manalai, Authumen Mullet – Marine
    130 மத்தி Maththi Sardine, Herring, Pilchard
    131 மாதவை Madavai Mullet – Red, Red Mullet
    132 மிர்கால், மிருகால் Mrigal Mrigal
    133 முரல், கொக்கிமீன் Mural, Kattayan mural Needle fish, Viraal, Gar fish
    134 வஞ்சிரம் மீன், நெய்மீன் Vanjaram, Nei meen King fish, Spanish mackerel தென் தமிழகத்தில் நெய்மீன் என்றும் அழைக்கப்படுகிறது
    135 வவ்வால், வெளவால், வாவல் Vavval, Vavwall, Vaaval Pomfret
    136 வவ்வால் – வெள்ளை வவ்வால் , வெளவால் வாவல் Vellai Vavval white pomfret
    137 வவ்வால் Silver Pomfret
    138 வவ்வால் – கருப்பு வவ்வால், கருவெளவால், கருவாவல் Karuppu Vavval, Karu Vaaval Black Pomfret
    139 வாளை, வாலை Vaalai Belt fish, Ribbon fish Trichiurus haumela
    140 விரால், விறால் Viraal, Viral, Chaer-veraal Murrel, Butter fish, Snake head These are also air breathing and have a good market value.
    141 விலாங்கு Vilongu Eel, Conger Eel Anguilla bengalensis
    142 விலாங்கு Seram Pambu Eel Fresh Water
    143 விலாங்கு Vilangu, Kozhi Pambu Eel
    144 விளை Vilai Emperor

  15. Markus

    I have an unusual request. I am working in 17th-century Dutch materials. One document refers to various fisheries based at Tuticorin (Thuthukudi): ‘kalavai (‘callewai’) and vellai vavval (‘wallewalle’) by thonis outside the islands’, ‘thonis who sail for the fishery called mogamin’, ‘nets which are hauled on shore’, ‘fishing with kattumarans’, ‘manchuas in the fishery called callamgatte’, and ‘fishers of porpoises’.

    Can someone help me with the Tamil equivalents for the terms ‘mogamin’ and ‘callamgatte’? Min/meen obviously refers to fish. Please respond directly to my email: markus.vink@fredonia.edu

    Thank you!


  16. elatchu

    so nice to know all the fish names in other launguages…what is the tamil meaning for bluetuna fish…where it wil be get?

  17. Meen Virumbi

    Shark சுறா மீன்
    Sardines மத்தி மீன்
    Seabass கொடுவாள் மீன்
    Saw / Gur கோலா மீன்
    Squid ஊசி கணவாய் மீன்
    Shrimp / Prawn இறால் மீன்
    Red Snapper சங்கரா மீன்
    Seer / King fish வஞ்சரம் மீன்
    Little Tunny சூறை மீன்
    Anchovies நெத்திலி மீன்
    Crab நண்டு
    Cod பண்ணா மீன்
    Cat fish கெழுத்தி மீன்
    Cuttle கணவாய் மீன்
    Halibut போத்தா மீன்
    Butter fish விரால் மீன் (???)
    Barracuda சீலா மீன்
    Pomfret வாவல் மீன்
    Mackerel கானங்கெழுத்தி மீன்
    Eel விலாங்கு மீன்
    Ribbon வாலை மீன்
    Tilapia கறி மீன் / நெய் மீன்
    Leather skin fish தீரா மீன்
    Malabar Trevally பாறை மீன்
    Yellow Tuna கீரை மீன்

  18. HealthLover

    Salmon – Kizhagaan is very good for men’s health. It primary serves as a good source of food for preventing cancer and improving the fertility factor for men as well.

  19. drjoshua

    what is the name for salmon fish in tamil, and some articles call is as kaala meen, is that true? tell what all fish varieties with good omega3 fatty acids

    1. anupama

      Hey hi, i ve this same doubt ! wat is salmon in tamil? some say its ‘kaala meen’ some say its ‘kilangan’. I heard its too good for health and skin but not available in India… Is this true?

      1. Sujahath

        it is aviable in India, bit common in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, I am from coimbatore. I have heard it by fish seller mostly they bring mathie and kelanga together. we usualy prefare mathie

    1. Anand

      TUNA is known by different names in Tamilnadu…In southern districts it is known as “Nei Meen”..In chennai it is popularly called as ‘Vanjiram’

  20. Prakash

    In South TN (thoothukudi) we used to get a sea fish called “Eli meen paarai”. Does anyone know what this is called in English? Thanks!

  21. sonia jos

    Can any one help me by converting the thamil names of these fishes in to english? plz….
    sea water fishes
    fresh water fishes

  22. Lena

    Does anyone know what is the Indian name for Emperor Fish?…found this in an Indian Grocery Store..the other packets were Pearl Spot so I know Emperor Fish could be from South India too. Has anyone seen/heard of this fish?

  23. ramya

    HI All…
    this is a very usefull link…
    i would like to get one more additional info from all of u… where can i get SARDINE (MATHI MEEN) in michigan?? any shops to get fresh sadines / restaurants at least to get fried sardines….
    just waiting for some replies……

  24. LoveToEatFishAllDay

    Good Work done for posting this.
    I have been searching name for Kaala meen for long time.Got to know abt it from here.
    Thanks a lot both to the post originator and Radhika(for her painstaking effort)

  25. Manoj Chacko

    hi all,
    I have a sport fishing company here in Chennai and I was just browsing through the names. Some inputs from my end….a)Vanjiram is spanish mackerel(yellow spots on the skin). Grows to about 5-6 kilos and not more. The “vanjiram” that we get in the markets in chennai is the king mackerel(narrow bands on the skin) and the actual tamil name for it is “mavalasi”. google images to see the difference.
    Manoj Chacko.

  26. Yanick

    Ram is right, viraal is of course Snakehead murrel, but i still like to tell that viraal is different than kadalviraal (another name for Seer-vanjaram).

  27. Radhika

    When i came to US, icollected all the names of veggies, fruits and fish in Tamil and English. This might add some lists to ur cllection.

    Fish Names in English and Tamil
    Tamil English
    Channa kooni Paste shrimp
    Chemmeen Red squirrel fish
    Choodai Short-body sardine
    Eral Shrimp / prawn
    Kaalaa Indian threadfin / salmon
    Kaaral podi/kaarai Pony fish, tooth pony
    Kadal veraal / nei meen Black king fish
    Kal eral Jinga prawn
    Kallikkai, chippi Oyster,clam
    Kanagnkelluthi Indian mackerell
    Kanavai Cuttle
    Kari / neyyi /jilapi, thilapi Tilapia
    Karu vaalai White fin wolf herring
    Karu vaaval Black pomfret
    Kattayan mural Needle fish
    Keerimeen Round sardine
    Kelluthi Cat fish
    Kendai Indian goat fish ,carp
    Kendai meen, madavai Mullet
    Kerai Yellowfin tuna
    Kilanga meen Whit fish
    Kilangan,kelangan,kilachi Whiting,smelt
    Kizhi meen Parrot fish
    Koduvai Giant sea perch
    Koduvai meen Seabass
    Koimeen or nunalai Five spot herring
    Kola meen Saw,gar fish
    Kondal Snapper
    Mathi or Chaalai Sardines
    Mullan Toothpony
    Nandu Crab
    Nethili meen Anchovies & stolephorus
    Oosi kanawai Squid
    Panna,kalava Cod
    Parai Trevally, malabar trevally
    Pillai sura Yellow dog-shark
    Potha Halibut
    Pul kendai Grass carp
    Saavalai Small headed ribbon fish
    Sankara meen Red snapper
    Satha kendai Comman carp
    Seela/sheela meen/ ooli meen Barracuda
    Seepu thiratai Spade fish
    Singi eral Lobster
    Soorai Tuna / Little tunny
    Sura Shark
    Thalapaththu or myil meen Sword fish
    Thera Leather skin
    Thirukkai,therachi Whip tail sting ray
    Thuppu vaalai,mullu vaalai Wolf herring
    Uluvai Skates
    Vaalai Ribbon
    Vaaval Pomfret
    Vanjiram meen Salmon, Seer / king fish
    Velai meen Sea bream / Long face emperor bream / Starry emperor bream
    Vella vaaval Silver pomfret
    Velli kendai Silver carp
    Vezha,vela Small toothed saw fish
    Vilongu Eel / Conger eel
    Viraal Murrel
    Viral meen Butter fish,murrel

    1. Yanick

      Hi Radhika, your list is pretty good, you did a very good job, just a small correction :
      Vanjiram is not at all Salmon.
      Salmon is called “Kaala” or “Thiravalai”.
      Good work, keep it up

    1. Yanick

      The fish in the photo is sylver Pomfret (a Pompano family), butter fish is not the name of a fish but the name of family to which belong silver pomfret, black pomfret, and pompanos….

  28. yanick

    That’s a great work man… but as far as i know the Red Snapper is not surely sankara. i saw the photo of snapper through this link. but i’m sure there must be a small confusion, within “Porundhalai” (shown in the picture of Red.S) and within Kaaruva and Sankara. please let me know more about that. I’m really greatfull to your work.

    1. yanick

      hi ayesha, normally we’re used to buy at our nearest fish market. but as i’m in Puduvai, i’m used to buy in the port, costs less and the products are much fresher than in the market. you can buy anything you want.

    2. Shaik Ismail

      Assalam alaikum,
      Hi Ayesha Kanangeluthal and vival is the best fish it gives more energy and good in taste.


  29. diwakar16


    Sankara meen is not Red snapper.It is Pink perch.However i don’t know the tamil equivalent of Red Snapper…


  30. Muthukumaran

    Good Effort.Tamil name with photo snaps for fishes. it really helped me to identify the variety of fishes..Thanks a lot

  31. murugadas

    hi friend good work. Include the photos also it would be more usefull.
    More over tamil fish names varry from place to place
    For example: kanankaathai is also called as ayala, and king fish is called in many names neymeen, vanchiram, cheela etc

  32. Priya Ranjani 24

    I would like to know if fish ‘Vangiram’ in Tamil is ‘King Mackerel’ in English. Please go through the link ‘http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_mackerel’ and compare the image with what you see and buy in Chennai Fish Market as Vangiram. (It looks exactly the same!)

    If the above is true, we need to be vey cautious in consuming Vangiram as it has got large amount of Methylmercury in it which is very much harmful to our children and pregnant women.
    Please aloso refer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_mackerel#Nutrition_and_processing on the same Wikipedia page for the mercury related information.
    Thanks in advance for all the useful information to be posted here on my query.
    Priya Ranjani

    1. Visitor GUEST

      hai priya ranjani
      king mackeral(which is harmful) is different from king fish. king fish is (vanjiram).so u can eat king fish(vanjiram)without fear

  33. sssfo

    Hi…can someone tell me the Tamil name of CLAMS?I am looking for recipes with clam meat (not clams in shell) and I am not able to search this site because I am not aware of the name in Tamil.I need a yummy clam recipe with just clam meat.Someone please help. 🙂 Thanks.

  34. Jayalourda Thomas

    Many of the viewers wanted to know the tamil name for salmon in India.In Chennai it is known as KAALA MEEN.Please do not mistake it for KOLA FISH.All the best this site is really good.

  35. sathis kumar

    vazhthukkal mullai

    ” Endrum em tamil vazhvathu ummai pondroral thaan ”

    Mikka nanri, um pani thodara em vazhthukkal

    ithai pol matra porulin peyaraum muyartchikkavum

  36. Arun Richard

    Mullai, Thanks for every one for sharing your Knowledge. So many tamil names are given for salmon. I believe Saala meen or chala meen may be correct

  37. Kurinjimayil

    Thanks everyone who put all these efforts. Its very worthy information for ppl in abroad not knowing the names of the fishes and how to prepare it. thanks a lot again.

  38. yasi

    hi mullai
    really a great work.thanks!, i am in singapore.bcos of not knowing the names of fishes in tamil i used to cook vanjarai and vavval.its going to be a good use to me.

  39. TT.Sunitha

    Dear Madam,

    Since I am pregnant 4 months. The doctor has asked me to eat fishes that has OMEGA 3. So I wanted to know the name of fishes in Tamil which has omega 3

    Please help.


    Sunitha mahendran

  40. saravana

    A very neat and clean fish shop is opened in Greenways Road, R.A.Puram Chennai. almost all the varieties are available at reasonable rates here. for anyone interested, check out this place guys

  41. Isha

    Hey this was very useful info…we usually buy only tilapia nd cat fish here,but as my parents are coming here i was little upset about wht fish i should by becos my dad love fish but he will nto eat all types of fishes….thanks once again.

    1. Mullai

      Juliet, could you be specific as to in what language its called moula? bcos there's omething called Mola fish which they call ocean sun fish. Thanks.

  42. Sudha Prasanna

    hello mullai,i tried most of ur recipes and all came very good.thanks for ur effort mullai.this fish names in tamil is very useful for us.thanks mullai.

  43. Nisha Bharath

    Can anyone tell me where to find Baby Shark fish, I live in Los angeles, and the shark fish i see in 99 ranch market is not baby shark?


    1. Thilak

      Check it in Philipino shops… I know one shop in Van Nuys have a lot of sea foods… Nethili, pomfret, live tilapia and much more…

  44. visitor5

    Make a small change. As far as I know ‘Tilapia’ is ‘Valarpu kendai’. You might have seen this Tamilnad in many Govt. Fish tanks. Most common fish available in Coimbatore area, as the city is far from seashore.

  45. amusan

    hi mullai it is very great service.i wonder every time i watch ur site.could u pls tell me the fish which is having good taste for fry and less/no bones.this is first time i would like to cook fish.

  46. Vijitha

    Hi Mullai,

    Bought Milk fish last week and it taste like our thuppi vaalai fish(that what we call in Kanyakumari Dist.). It tastes very good after frying it. I wont recommend to make fish curry with this fish. It got small bones all over. But tastes really good. VIJI

  47. kaviarun

    Rainbow Trout


     The rainbow trout is a species of salmonid native to tributaries of the Pacific Ocean in Asia and North America as well as much of the central, western, eastern, and especially the northern portions of the United States

    1. Mullai

      Hi Kavi, thanks for sharing this great picture, haven't tried this variety yet, hopefully hunt for it in my local market. Can you clue me.. as to how it taste like, any Indian fish taste matches this??

  48. Mullai

    Red Snapper – Sankara Meen in Tamil. Look what I found this week at my Fish Market, fresh red snapper almost triple the size of our Indian red snapper.

    Red Snapper – Sankara Meen

  49. Vidhyathilakraj

    Hai Mullai,
    Thank u very much…. U r doing a great job.
    It would be helpful if u tell me where can i get fresh Pomfret fish in detroit or a good fish market in detroit…

  50. Mullai

    Lake Whitefish is a freshwater fish, a member of the Trout / Salmon family. These are mostly found in Great lakes region, mainly in Lake Superior, covering Cananda and Michigan.

    Lake White Fish ~ Fresh Water Trout

    Happened to visit UP in Michigan, grabbed a few fresh catch of these fishes from a local fisherman. Please do try if you get a chance, as this fish is very mild in taste and suits our SouthIndian preparations. They taste similar to our Naaku Meen (Tamil).

    1. P.Srikumar

      Dear Mullai,

      Can u tell were i can get salmon in Chennai-Tamil Nadu-India and what will be the tentative cost.What is the name in Tamil for Tuna fish and were can i get.

  51. rameshraju

    i want english names for fish, available in andhra pradesh.
    for example, Koramenu, Sheelavathi, Bochu, Vanjaram, Pulasa, etc.

  52. gigiklibra@yahoo.co.in

    Hi Mullai,
    I love fish,can you give me the names of fish with single bone and not much thorns in English and Tamil and if possible how they look as I find everything to be looking the same.I’ve become or started liking non vegetarian recently.Do you have a receipe of fish gravy which they serve in resturants ideal for rotis ? Thanks.

  53. mayasuresh

    hi mullai
    am ur new friend u have done a good job am in singapore here i buy only sankara bcos other fish i couldnt identify they write in eng. this is very useful to me

    thanks a lot

  54. S.Priya

    White Fish – Neer Suthumbu – False Trevally


  55. Mullai

    Dear members,
    Please share pictures of any variety listed above to guide us all. Some may be very lucky to be on the coastal side where you get ample varieties, any picture of a whole fish or fillet would be very helpful in keeping this thread informative.

  56. J and J

    Hi there..

    thanx for sharing this.. i was looking this info quit a long time. snapper fish…i love it when it is in tamil hahaha..

    anyway thanx

    J and J

  57. Prem Ananth

    Hi Mullai,

    Just a small correction. For sure, Kaala is not salmon. Can you please reflect it as appropriate.



    1. Mullai

      Hi Prem,

       Thanks for letting me know. Actually net results showed it Kaala… but think there's no exact match in Tamil and thats what I have mentioned. Let me keep it open… and if you come accross a match,pls update.

    2. meenashankar

      hi mullai

      thank u so much…for the fishes..

      and can u please let me know the names for kitchten items such as zeeragam (cumin)…all spices.. veg..fruits..leaves…all kitchen items?

      can u help me?

  58. susan

    Hi Mullai

    Thanks for your all your great work and to all the others who have provided cooking tips which make life easier.

    Could anyone provide an English/Malayalam list of fish names please. I don’t particularly fancy seafood but my husband does and I feel rather confused about the varieties of fish that are available here.

    Thanks in advance.

  59. Simi

    thanks a ton mullai.

    I am in NewZealand and it was very difficult to understand what the fishes are. Now i will know what i am eating. Indeed a great job for all of us Indian fish lovers abroad.


  60. Sowmya Sathya

    Hi Mullai,

    Good work.It would be helpful for me if you can tell me english name for a fish called Korrameena(telugu name).It is a fresh water fish.

  61. Diana

    Dear Mullai

    THanks so much .. I have been searching for this for so long.. translation illamey rhombha naal kashta pattuten ..
    Yipeee … heading straight for the store

    1. Mullai

      Romba thanks Diana, it would be very useful, if you happen to live around coastal areas. Frozen fish sucks, I mostly rely on Tilapia, a farm raised fish, which suits for all Indian preparations.

  62. Visitor

    Great work, excellent research. Thanks.

    Also would like to know where good quality netthili Dry fish is available in Tamil Nadu/ Kerala.


  63. Mullai

    My sincere thanks to both of you. Actually would wish members to share fish pictures too, as I don’t get to see most of the varieties here in Michigan.

  64. Manoo

    Great Job Mam,,,

    I tried to find names once with uncle's help. Yet had to give up as just the 32 km made many differences between us. We call Mackerel as kumbula (Jack Mackerel) & Arakula as King Mackerel. Main chef(an indian) at uncles resturant gave different names for my small collection so I just gave up. Now I am going to bug uncle with your list & pictures… Thanks a lot mam. Although I am not a fish fan I would like to know those names. I can only identify Mackerel when its is cooked (Shameful) as I only eat Mackerel, sprat fish & sudai fry (small fish that is used to make fries and sothi)…. At least must know those names. GREAT JOB AGAIN….. HATS OFF MAM….Cry

    1. Sadhanaraveen


      Only wen we are out of the country we will know how important are these details..Thanx for such a valuable information.

      Sadhana Raveen

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