Fish kuzhambu

Written by kaviarun


  1. kaviarun

    Hi DEEpu,
    i don’t think sea trout & rainbow trout are same.Maybe both are same u can try that too.Rainbow trout is mixed with black and silver colour.
    Did u try in American grocery store?Sometimes u can get it in Sam’s club or costco.bye.

  2. kaviarun

    Hi Deepu,
    Thank you. I made this kuzhambu with rainbow trout fish.Yes ofcourse, u can get this fish in all American food store. I’ll try to put more recipes.

  3. DEEPu

    Hi kavi, Ur way of presentation is really nice. It makes everyone to cook. Thanks a lot. Which kind fish u r using here? shall we get this fish in US. Thanks for this super recipe . Try to post more recipes.


  4. Ayesha Shahnaz

    Hi Kavi,

    Thanks for posting such a tempting fish kuzambu. Your presentation style is superb.

    I’ll try this tomorrow and get back with the results.


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