Fish Bread Balls

Written by S.Priya

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  1. nk2205

    for all deep fried dish, u give a default comment – “kids will love this” it true that kids will love deep fried dishes? why is it so??

    1. S.Priya

      Hi NK…kids will always love the deep fried any kid say that they dont like french fries from Mc Do..they rarely like to have steamed r stir fried items, if we really oblige them, for ur q'n, why is it so?..really i dunno wats the reason for it..but deep fried items r always tasty while compared to steamed items..may be for this reason..hope so..hope i cleared ur doubt…thanks

    2. keerthi_d
      nk nice Q, of course kids love deep fried food.

      Answer for 'y is it so'  is-u feed them with those deep fried junkies often. what u feed/provide them gradually become their favourite and later on it becomes their  lifestyle. its not only for kids, even for adults,what we buy goes in our body.try reducing unhealthy things from ur shopping list and menu then feel the lightness in ur heart and ur body!we started to explain our child about goodness of healthy food and the harm in junk food, when he was around 3 yrs old. he s so brilliant and now he knows whats good and whats bad. he likes deep fried items of course but he knows he can have it as a treat and not in daily menu. he loves to have whole lot of vegies as well as fruits, salads and juices cos he knows they are good for him. he never sees healthy food as a punishment(as i use to do wen i was a kid) but really loves deep from heart to have it. It doesn’t mean that we never give him any fried item, we do, but as a treat.More over i don’t encourage myself in hiding good stuff inside rice or in any other form that my child cannot find it out. Theres no use of it cos wen he grows up, he’ll become picky. He should be aware of what is going inside him. Children should be taught to love fruits and veggies in its own form and must be aware that they are  eating it.So according to me, its the responsibility of parents to educate children about good food habits. We should spend quality time with them in explaining wats good and whats bad right from young age. apart from good education and wealth, its duty of parents to teach a good and healthy lifestyle for children.

      1. nk2205

        hai keerthi, thank you for a much explanatory and really helpful answer about what can be done about it from health point of view, rather than giving them whatever they like and sitting aram, thinking "my duty of feeding is over" .. good effort from ur side, that ur kidu understands what is a health and junk food..

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